January 4th, 2008


Moon cup UK vs. Diva

My mooncup UK finally arrived!  The first one they sent got lost in the mail, so it took 6 weeks to get to me.  It was definately worth the wait.

I've been one of several posters complaining about leaking problems, uncomfortable fit, pressure on my urethera & pressure on my cervix with the Diva.  

When I initially purchased the small size Diva, I was in love.   Once I got the knack of the oragami fold, I was able to insert it comfortably.  It worked well for 3 months and then started leaking like crazy.

I sized up to the larger Diva, and while that solved the leaking problems if I'm standing up and walking around, if I'm sitting down it's quite uncomfortable.  I'm very aware of the pressure inside me, it rubbed against my urethera.  It was just too long to fit comfortably.  When I sat down it would start to leak like I wasn't using anything at all.  

I gave up on the Diva and based on feedback from this journal, I decided to try the Mooncup UK.  I was torn between the Lunette and the Mooncup UK, and I decided to go with the Mooncup because it has the shortest bell.  The feedback I've read said it was softer, shorter and had a wider rim.  I figured this would correct the problems I'm having with the diva, (I used only luna pads my last cycle because I'm just that fed up with it.)

I waited until my next period to try the Mooncup - which started last night.  So far so good!  

I ordered the larger size Mooncup UK.  The bell of the cup is definately shorter than both sizes of the Diva - I'd say almost a cm shorter than the large Diva.  The rim on the large Mooncup is the same diameter around as the large Diva, but it is about twice as thick as the rim on the Diva.  The rim on the Mooncup UK is quite strong, but overall the whole cup is softer and squishier than the Diva.

I had to relearn how to insert the cup.  I found the oragami fold was the only method that worked for me with the Diva, but because of the thicker rim on the Mooncup UK, the oragami fold didn't work well with it.  To my surprise, the punch down method made the Mooncup VERY EASY to insert.  It's almost as easy as inserting a tampon.  It's MUCH EASIER for me to use than the Diva.   

It pops open right away.  I did have to cut the stem of the Mooncup completely off - this showed me how low the cup wants to sit inside me.  No wonder the longer Diva was uncomfortable!

I found the suction with the Mooncup to be much stronger than with the Diva.  I attribute it to the design of the rim.  The rim of the Mooncup is angled from the bottom, like half of a heart, where as the Diva is evenly curved like a "C".  

There are several more holes in the Mooncup than in the Diva, and the holes are larger and much easier to clean.  I remember a few months ago a woman who is blind was asking for tips, and her real stumbling block was how to clean those little holes if you can't see them.  I'd highly reccomend the Mooncup UK to anyone who can't see the holes.  All you have to do to clean them is fill the cup to the rim, place your palm over it creating a seal (as best as you can) and then squeeze the bell of the cup, forcing the water through the holes.  I used this method to clean the Diva Cup and it would take several minutes before all the holes were clean.  When I did this with the Mooncup, the holes cleared out immediately. 

I'm wearing the Mooncup UK for the first time at work today - this is the test - SITTING all day.  So far so good.  I do feel pressure, but I suspect it's my usual cramps.  My cramps have not been nearly as painful this month as they usually are, and I noticed this benefit when I was using the Diva 1 for those first few months.  I think this is a general benefit of usine menstrual cups, as several other posters have made the same comment.

I have had minor spotting all day and night, but nothing I'd categorize as leaking.  Nothing a small pad won't take care of.  I probably won't bother with a pad if the spotting doesn't get any worse, once I trust the Mooncup a bit more.

My initial evaluation is the Mooncup UK is a far better fit for me than the Diva.  It's softer, more comfortable, easier to insert and easier to clean.  

If anyone else is frustrated with leaking or comfort problems with the Diva, I strongly reccomend you try the Mooncup UK before you give up on menstrual cups.

In 2007, I've spent just over $100 on menstrual cups.  I bought both the Divas at about $40 each, and I bought the Mooncup for $35 CAD.  This is about double what I would have paid for disposable products in a year.  (Before I started using a cup, I used luna pads and tampons occasionally.)

However, if this Mooncup works out, it'll pay for itself in a year, which means that for the rest of the life of the cup (10 years or so) I'll be saving about $500.

So it's well worth the investment to try a few different cups to get one that works for you.

EDIT:  Note to Mods:  Could you please create a tag "blind people"?  There's a significant community of blind people on LJ and I'm sure many of the women find their way here.  It'd be great if we could start an archive with tips for menstrual cup users who have varying degrees of vision.  Thanks!

Lunette for trade

I bought my second cup, a lunette (size 2), in September after struggling with my leaking diva for over a year. It turned out to leak even more than my diva cup. I have tried it like 3 times, and since it obviously won't work better than my diva, I have no use for it. I admit I just gave up.
When I posted about my problems here, several people offered to buy the cup. If you are still interested, here's the deal:

I don't like sending money so if anyone would like a slightly used lunette, I'd like to trade it for something else. I'd love a slightly used mooncup or keeper, but that's not likely to happen, so I'll trade it for anything funny, whatever you think it's worth; a good book, clothpads, something homemade, something special for your country...whatever. I trust you nice people here. It was quite a disappointment you know, and I need some cheering up. It costed me whopping 25 euros, but that's my problem. I live in Sweden and the postage fee from here to anywhere in the world would be approx. 3 dollars.

I have boiled it several times and I advise you to do the same. I have no STDs.
If anyone at all is interested, email me at darianna52(at)hotmail.com

Yes I'm serious!

Facebook activism

There is an application on facebook that offers "green tips", so I put in one about alternative menstrual products - and if I can get lots of thumbs up, it will move to "popular tips" where a lot of people will see it. I'd appreciate it if you'd go here and click "thumbs up" - if you have a facebook. Cheers. http://apps.facebook.com/greenbook/ideas.php?34378

Also, a question for the mods really, but does anybody think it would be a good idea for users to collaborate and produce a clear set of instructions for learning to insert and remove the cup, which could be made into a sticky post (dated 2050 or something). I'd be happy to co-ordinate it, and put the tips together. I think it could be an easier resource to use than the memories, as it would all be in one place.

Somewhat obscure, but I couldn't think of anywhere else to ask...

Back ground: One of my friends is having a 'favourite things' party, where we all come as some of his favourite things. One of these happen to be mooncups, which I have chosen.

Can anyone think of the best way to dress up as a menstrual cup? I've had some thoughts:
    - creative balloon modelling
    - facepaint
    - papier mache hat
    - hulahoop + clingfilm
    - transparent umbrella skirt
The possibilities are varied, but I need something that can survive on a train for a fair bit without arrest.

I don't know if anyone has ever done this before, but there certainly wasn't anything obvious in the memories!