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Cupless = tears

So I had my doctor appointment today. He took tests and a pap smear and said I had a yeast infection. I didn't think it was so I had been wearing my meluna (which I have decided I don't like because it's too stiff and leaks). He lectured me about the only best, natural, and safe way to deal with a period is pads. His nurse was going on about how HER daughter only wore pads, etc etc. Needless to say, I'm getting a new doctor, ASAP. I didn't have any swelling like I have before, granted I've been putting hydrocortizone and anti itch stuff on it for the past week and it looks better. I'm assuming the swelling and redness was due to scratching before because I scratch less as well. OTher then that, I FEEL fine...I have a normal discharge and it HAS increased but it's not that gross fish smell like with a yeast infection that I recall when I'd get 'em. But he had no desire to hear what I had to say. And I admitted wearing a cup during a yeast infection wasn't good, IF that's what I had (I ordered a new Diva today for when I'm cleared up to be on the safe side though) but as long as it's cleaned properly it's not a problem. He looked at me like I was crazy. And he did check me but the pressure on my abdomen had me leak, so I had to wear a pad home too. I'm very VERY upset. On top of that (unrelated sorta) I have an eczema breakout like whoa. I KNOW it's eczema, I've had it before. It's clearing up on it's own cause I've been treating it at home, it's not weeping and I'm on the mend, most of it is from scratching now. You know what he says? I have scabies. Srsly??! I thought scabies was contagious, WTH, man. I did find that the eczema coulda caused the vaginal itching and things that I was I'm going with that. It IS improving, I had HOPED the doctor woulda helped push it in the right direction since I DO believe both the infection/itching I have and the eczema can be related. *sigh* I also bought tampons today....I leaked. It was HORRIBLE. We (bf, my kids, and I) were driving home from the store and I looked out the window and about cried saying I miss my cup. I really do. :( Tampons are just...UGH. And pads......OMFG. *Cries* I feel like I'm missing something.
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