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yeast treatment.

Hey people,

This question may be more suited to vaginapagina but since im trying to post on my phone and for some reason I can't post to VP, ill post here. Also, it does relate to cup use so it is relevent.

I seem to have made my vag unhappy recently. I've realised I have my first (or at least first recognised) yeast infection. Its fairly mild so no biggie, right?. Here's the problem though: my period is starting tonight, so I put in my cup. Now, I know that periods can help reduce YI symptoms, if not cure it since it washes everything out and essentially rebalances it all. I also know its not a good idea to use a cup while you have a YI due to a risk of reinfection. However my period is a week early (its actually due new year's eve) and it took me by suprise. I am at my Dad's place, and I only brought my cup and one cloth liner. I will not be able to get to the shops tomorrow to get supplies (being christmas and all - in fact, ill be suprised if I get replies to this since everyone will being doing christmassy things - happy holidays to you all!!) and there's no option this time of cutting things up to make my own since I have the bare minimum of clothes here. If I had a choice id just use a cloth pad and wait till my period is over and see if that sorts it out but I don't really have that option.

so, in the interests of having this cleared up asap, and having heard of inserting garlic as a treatment, I've done the following:

I've inserted some garlic, in my cup (first day or so will be light so no capacity/leaking issues from garlic taking up space overnight). Ill see how things are going tomorrow and if needed, ill put some fresh garlic in. I intend on boiling my cup each morning too to try and make things less risky in terms of reinfection.

So really, what I was wondering is if anyone has tried this treatment before? If so, am I doing the right thing? If its not a good idea please let me know!

I think its really me secong-guessing myself and wondering if I've just done something incredibly stupid?
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