December 31st, 2007

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The size of my first cup

Hello, all.

After reading people's experiences in different communities like this one and naturalliving, I've finally decided to buy a cup. The Diva cup seems to be the one most people compliment, so I was initially thinking of going with that one.

I'm 29 and have not had children. Since I'm so close to thirty, I'm thinking the larger size Diva cup might be best, but I'm not sure. Part of me thinks that buying the larger size would be erring on the safe side to prevent leaks, cover me during more sexually active times, and cover me for the future. But on the other hand, I wonder if there are drawbacks to using the larger one unnecessarily. (Could it be uncomfortable to the point it's unmanageable? Or do people who deal with discomfort tend to have problems no matter the size? It's hard to tell how much of a difference size makes.)

I went through the memories and entries with the "size/size issue" tag, read entries by people frustrated by size issues, and found advice to switch to the Mooncup or switch sizes for a variety of reasons, and now I'm a little intimidated. I don't want to throw a ton of money away on this, so I'm also going to ask how returns work or if anyone has links to sites that offer returns. (I didn't think you could return a product like this, but I read someone mention it somewhere.)

Essentially I'm trying to gauge what would be a safe bet. Buying a cup is a big step in and of itself, and I'd like this to go as smoothly as possible if I can help it. I could really use some guidance on size (and brands as they relate to size). Thanks very much in advance.
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switching from keeper to divacup

I used the Keeper for several years before had my first child. I never had a problem with leaking.

After my cycle started up again post-childbirth, I found that the stem on my Keeper was crumbling. Enough of the stem broke off that it was hard to insert & remove, though otherwise it worked fine. I saw a Diva Cup in a local store, and purchased one in the post-childbirth size as a replacement.

I'm on my second month with the Diva Cup and it's just not working for me. More fluid comes around the outside of the cup than collects inside. I tug on it and rotate it and make sure it's unfolded, but nothing I'm used to doing to ensure suction & placement is helping. I'm just about ready to go back and purchase a pre-childbirth-sized rubber Keeper, because at least I know that one worked. I'm afraid that if I buy the post-childbirth-size or if I buy the Mooncup, that whatever is making the DivaCup not work for me will happen again.

Help! This is frustrating and messy.
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something to do with old tampons

This will probably only apply to US members - sorry!

For those of us who have switched over to the cup, Pretty Bird Woman House (, a women's shelter in SD, has just re-opened and needs supplies, including pads and tampons.  So if you have disposable products you're not using, and are able, you can at least put them to a good use.  Happy New Year to everyone celebrating!

2 divacups, 1 girl

Is a spare menstrual cup a worthwhile investment? I left my Diva at school and am bleeding 400 miles away. The $30-something a new one would cost at the closest Whole Foods might seem like a lot more when I'm not looking at it through pad goggles.
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Eroded cervix and menstrual cups

Hey guys. i recently got a diva cup and dont know much about them as they are real rare in Australia. I have a heavily eroded cervix and it bleeds on almost any contact. In fact my family doctor thinks its the most severe case she's seen. I'm expecting my period in the next day and was wondering if anyone here has a similar problem and if the cup causes any pain or problems with an eroded cervix. I used it for the last day of my last period and found no problems but slight cramping. Am little worried bout using it now for my full period cause it lasts for about 8 days. I'm 29 and have been on the pill for about 12 years which apparently causes the erosion. Thanks for reading. Any help would be appreciated.

Edit :Hey, nearing the end of my period and i have to say i am very pleased with the diva cup, it has caused no problems with my eroded cervix at all that i know of anyway. No pain and was quite easy to get in and out. Yay.