December 27th, 2007

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1st timer's success!!

I want to start by saying: THANK THE GODDESS FOR THIS COMMUNITY!!!!!!!!!


I had been toying with the idea of a cup for a few months. I'm 29. I found this community and after pouring over it, bought a Diva cup. My first period with it was a total success. No leaking, when it was in correctly it was totally comfortable. I wore it all night no problem, wore it all day also without a problem. I used the C-fold and found it worked great. I tried the punch down but it didn't open very well or create good suction. Which btw, you ladies are right about the Diva and it's super suction! My only problem was getting it out, but it got better with practice. Apparently I have a very narrow vagina, so removing it, with three fingers inside me and still not getting it to fold caused a LOT of pain! I was sore on the second day after all the stretching and abuse, but with practice I know removal won't be a problem. My girlfriend was jealous that I could wear it all day and is thinking about buying one too.

No more tampons!! Wa-Hoo!!!!

Thank you to every woman who has posted on here and a HUGE thanks to the moderators!!! You girls deserve an award!

Funny Purchasing Story

Ok, after having read about menstrual cups here, for months and months, I finally decided I was going to go and get one today. My mom and I drove to the closest store I could find that sold Diva Cups, about 45 minutes away from home. On the way there I was contemplating how embarrassing it would be for most other 17 year old girls to be going with their mothers to a natural living store to get a menstrual cup, and all the things you could imagine going wrong if you were to see it happen in a movie. Things like having a lot of attention drawn to you while you're grabbing it, or your cashier being some really cute guy....

So we went in the store and looked around a minute, I checked down a few aisles and couldn't find the Diva cups anywhere. So a lady who worked there happened to pass me and I asked her where they would have them. She kindly took me to the end of that aisle where there stood 3 other people who worked there who were restocking the organic cotton pads. She said to them "excuse me, this young lady needs to get a product over there." So they all backed up for a moment and watched me as I grabbed my model 1 diva. She informed me that it was available in 2 sizes, and I assured her I was aware, lol. So, then I went up to the front and ran into what looked like a customer service desk with 2 ladys at it, I asked them if I was supposed to check out there, and they both pointed to the registers to their left. I walked calmly and confidently to register one where, not 1, but 2 REALLY cute guys were standing, ready to help me. I almost lost it, I got so nervous. But luckily they were talking and keeping each other distracted form the product I was purchasing.

I just thought it was too classic to keep to myself. Does anyone else have any embarrassing purchasing stories?

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my first menstrual cup experience

So I was recently told about the joy of using a menstrual cup.

At 21, I had never even heard of something like a menstrual cup. I mean, even in school, they only tell you about pads and tampons.

After hearing about menstrual cups, I thought "my period woes are solved!". Though my period is short, I leak like crazy. Even the super-plus tampons only work for 30 mins.

So hoping to find a cup at the store, I see the Insteads. I know people have had problems with them in the past,but I figured it wouldn't hurt to try.

I give Insteads a C-.

I started my period 2 days ago, and suffice to say, Insteads are crap when it comes to women with heavier flows. I've leaked from the first day and I'm about 98% percent sure, they're in right. If I lie down, they leak more. It's not so bad with a lighter flow,but IMO, using tampons aren't either. The whole reason I wanted to make the switch from tampons to cups is to control my heavy flow.

Needless to say, the Insteads will be making their way to a women's shelter, and I'll be ordering a Diva Cup for next month.

Weird Staininig

Hi ladies
I've been using my Mooncup for about 9 months now, and it had slowly started turning a yellowish color, but I was knew this was normal and it was discoloring so slowly I really didn't notice. However, after my last cycle, the upper third of the cup has dark brown smudge-ish stains all over it. So my questions are
(1) What can I do to get rid of the stains? I tend to show it off to people, but if it's got these gross stains I'm a little less inclined. My girlfriends think my cup is gross as it is. I tried a dillution of rubbing alcohol for a few hours today, but that didn't seem to work.
(2) Why did it stain all of a sudden? My two hypothesis are, a) I just started on the Nuvaring (I think I posted here about it several weeks back) so I don't know if perhaps there is a chemical reaction or b) I boiled it for the first time just before my last cycle, because I had run a workshop (lol, I posted about that too) and lots of people had touched it.
Thanks in advance!

EDIT: After this cycle, a mild soap scrub and a 1:2 hydrogen peroxide soak worked like a charm. She looks just like new! thanks again.