December 26th, 2007

Candy Avvy

Extended Riding

I've been meaning to try this, but a last thought has come to mind before I take the plunge.

I'm planning a road trip by motorcycle next year, and was wondering if anyone has used a cup during extended riding? Does sitting in that position all day cause more cramps than using and changing pads/tampons? Does the constant vibration and jarring lead to more leaks?

  • dekvgn

First day (and night)

So I used the divacup for the first time yesterday (after a month long wait) and I loooove it. It worked better than I had thought. I never had a problem getting it to suciton, its like instant. There was no leakage, either. Well... there was but that was because it was full.
I'm just confused on how people change it in a public restroom. Do they just use hand sanitizer for their hands?

And... do you cup users get faster with the insertion/removal with time? I don't want to think that I am going to be as slow as I am with it forever. I've only used it one day and night.
I haven't nixed the pantyliners yet until I get totally comfortable with it. I am going to switch to organic cotton biodegradable ones despite what my mother says.

Question about DivaCup information packet

I looked through the memories before I started typing this so I hope it's not a repeat. If it is, someone just point me in the right direction for an answer and then feel free to delete this post. :)

I got a DivaCup for Christmas and since my cycle should be starting within the next few days, I've been reading the little pamphlet that comes with it and am about to try a dry run with it. I'm curious about something though. The pamphlet warns against inserting the cup too high and says that doing so could cause leaks, but doesn't give a reason why. Anyone have an answer as to why that might happen? I'm also a member of vaginapagina and I've seen several women mention that their cup more or less sits around their cervix, but they don't seem to have any problems with leaks. Anyone with some experience on the matter either for or against what the pamphlet says? Could this just be one of those "your mileage may vary" situations?