December 17th, 2007

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Clear violation of my contract.

I'm slated to get some sort of outer labia piercing next month, and I'm starting to think about my period options.

Does anyone have any experience or stories about healing and living with a new hole and using a cup of any sort?
(I use a Keeper, for the record; and my anatomy is such that if I was using a pad or free flowing, my piercing would get covered in blood.)

Good, bad, happy, or sad, I'm just hoping for stories since I don't actually know anyone else with a vag piercing that uses a menstrual cup.
Thanks, lieblings!

(Also posting this to vaginapagina, for a wider discussion.)
Worst case Ontario

Cats + Mooncup = disaster for me, fun for them

I had my cup soaking on the counter and one of the cats decided to swipe it off the counter and make a toy of it. Or, at least, that's what I think happened. I was going to blame my husband, but he said he didn't move it. So, I know it had to be the cats. I know this has happened to a few folks before. I'm just hoping that I can find it and it will be in good condition when or if I do.

I guess I'll try a DivaCup and see if I like that--plus, I saw them for sale for around $20 as opposed to another $30 + shipping. Has anyone ordered from LuckyVitamin?

I'd love a Lunette, but I don't want to pay $50+ with shipping and stuff. Booo.

I guess I've learned my lesson and will soak it IN the medicine cabinet from now on.

How I got the "C-Fold" to work for me!

So I started using my Diva Cup like a year and half ago which is before I was aware of the million different folding methods people have come up with
I came up with a twist on the C-fold which I basically call "The c-fold, yank down, and push up"
So I fold my Diva into the C-fold as normal
I then insert it into my vagina
Now here's where most people (including me) have trouble with the C-fold, the flipping thing will not pop open! It will unfold but not pop open
So i release my fingers from the fold and pull the cup down to the base of my vagina (but not all the way out!) at this point it pops open
I then glide it back up to my cervix (for some reason if it's already inside of you it stays open ) and twist to create my seal!
I know this sounds kinda complicated but it takes me all of 30 seconds and to me is simpler and more intuitive than a fold with a million folds