December 11th, 2007


Research paper time!

Hi there! I wonder if some of you could take a few minutes out of your busy schedules to help with some research.

I'm a grad student writing a research proposal about squicky health issues/stuff that is uncomfortable to talk about and how online communication can aid "paradigm shifts" (how people change long-held attitudes). As my main focus I'm examining menstrual cups (because, hello, you will pry my DivaCup out of my cold, dead hands).

I'm trying to find out how people talk about menstruation and what hinders discussion. This community is a great example of how chicks can speak more freely, so hopefully I can do some actual research later about what helped us get that way.

I'd like to get a handle on what types of issues/hindrances I should bring up. Could you please answer some or all of these questions, in as little or as much detail as you'd like? Don't worry about duplicating answers; just talk about whatever you like.

Thanks so much!

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Diva: importance of holes + position + urethra

I have just started with a Diva cup (size 2, as I have a baby) and my first cycle was up and down with it. First I was happy because I have no problems to either insert or remove it. But on the first day (heaviest) it leaked all the time, though it wasn't full. I blame it partly on me probably putting it wrong (and not obtaining the seal) and also I noticed the holes were easily clogged. I have researched on this community but I am not sure of what exactly the role of these holes is. Is the seal broken when they get clogged? How could I prevent them from clogging? Would enlarging them help? I am French and in France it is very uncommon to have the toilet in the bathroom so when I want to clean it I have to run half naked to the sink and back to the loo. I tried in the shower but for some reason whereas everything goes smoothly in the loo I can't even put it in in the shower.

However the other days went smoother. I am a bit puzzled to see that it sits very very low (the stem is actually peeking out), even if I try to insert it higher. It is not really uncomfortable (I'll probably end up trimming the whole stem to help as I don't really use it for removal) but I was wondering if it could cause leaking.

After three days of wearing it day and night, even though it was not painful in any way, I just felt like not putting it back. I have to say it kind of "bothers" my urethra, as I find peeing more difficult and also it feels kind of weird (difficult to explain). It is certainly more comfortable than tampons, but before the diva I did not use tampons all the time, always resorting to pads at some point. I guess my body has to adjust to the cup being there but I was wondering if someone else experienced this too. Today I tried it again, it's fine but yet I feel my urethra is "not so happy" (not so easy to describe, especially as English is not my mother tongue).

Thanks in advance for your help!

ps : i posted by mistake an incomplete version of this post, I'll try to remove it and hope it hasn't caused too much inconvenience.
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So I finally figured out a fold that lets me get my Diva Cup in.  And now it's stuck -- yes, ladies (maybe, gentlemen) -- I cannot remove it.  It's starting to leak because it's overflowing and I've been trying for an HOUR to get the stupid thing out and all I've accomplished is putting blood on the floor and confusing my roommates with why I'm hogging the bathroom for an hour.  And I've learned that Diva Cups have SUCTION.  A lot of it.  So it doesn't help that I can break the seal, but I still can't slide it out.  I might have to resort to pulling them out with tweezers or doing something to yank it out.  Bah.

Since I'm not going to get tips that'll help me tonight, tips for the future?  (And do you think trimming the stem would help?)

EDIT:  Would widening the holes at the rim help with the suction?  (And how is the best way to do that?)