December 4th, 2007


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Today is my first day with the DivaCup and so far all has gone well. No leakage, it's comfortable and I can pull it out without to much hassle. When the cramps began though I realised something (that may be tmi!): on the first couple of days of my period I usually orgasm to get rid of the cramps temporarily (it's faster than panadol!). Has anyone orgasmed with the cup in? My muscles contract quite a lot when I do and I'm wondering if I'll break the seal/shift it around into a non-useful position by doing it, and I don't really want to have to pull it out again yet...
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Pads too warm

Hey, all. I am a happy Diva Cup user. My third cycle with it approaches and I'm almost looking forward to it, especially since I plan to try out some of the alternative folding techniques. The c-fold seems to work fine for me, but I figure it doesn't hurt to try other folds. I also have some Lunapads and it was them that I wanted to ask about.

I had been using disposable pads and pantiliners as backup for my cup, but it seemed odd to me to use disposable products to back up my cup when lessening waste was one reason I chose a menstrual cup in the first place. I bought two mini Luna liners with my cup as backup, but they are so short that they tend to move around--a few times, leaks ended up just behind where they ended. Drat. So I bought some long Luna pads that came with one liner each. I like them a lot. They are so soft and stay in place well due to their larger size. However, I have one problem with them. They are hot! Having all that cloth in my underpants is quite warm and it was a bit uncomfortable. (not anywhere near as bad as the stickiness and itchiness that disposable pads always caused, though) Does anyone else have this problem? Are there any cloth pads that aren't quite so thick and warm? I know I could just go without backup, but I am a bit nervous about it, as it seems I only have leaks when I don't use backup.

Failing that, should I just use the mini liners (they weren't nearly so hot) and pin them to my undies or something?
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The Diva cup helped me sleep through the night (the journey continues...)

As you may remember, my first cycle was on a cruise ship in the Caribbean.  I guess I was having too much fun to pay attention b/c now that I'm at home, I do notice "it" more.  For the first time in YEARS, I was able to sleep through the first 2 nights of my period!  I'm a light sleeper when I have something I have to get up for (plane, road trip, meeting) and when I'm on my period.  I hate leaking onto clothes/sheets, so I'd be up several times in the night with that familiar feeling that I needed to RUN to the bathroom, sometimes not waking successfully in time. :(  With the Diva cup, I've not had that sensation at all and it's so nice being able to rest and not worry about messes in the morning!  The other thing I noticed (possibly TMI), is I spend a lot less time cleaning the bathroom!  The combination of pads/heavy periods always left a mess on the toilet, not to mention having to empty the trash every day.  And the toilet paper is lasting much longer, too!  The "ick factor" is gone for me already when I realize there is SO much LESS mess to deal with!  I still haven't mastered it to where I'd feel comfortable in a public restroom, but this is only my 2nd cycle and I'm very fortunate to be a WAHM, so I don't necessarily *have* to go out.  As I'm mastering it, I'm working on my "out and about" technique, so maybe next time I can go out for the day!  I'm still working on convincing my older 2 that this is the best thing since, I don't know...EVE??? ;)  They're a little weirded out that old Mom is talking about these things, not to mention having grown up with the shadow of my own upbringing, so it's hard.  I'm definitely putting cups on the front burner of the talks with my younger 2.
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Hello, after joining and reading as much as I could possibly read, I've decided to buy a cup! Around here, the closest thing I could find in stores was Insteads [I checked at Target, Walmart and Kmart. Target and Walmart stocked 4 boxes, placed either on the highest shelf or on the very bottom. I couldn't even find them at Kmart.] Insteads are cool, but I want something more.. permanent?

So anyways, I decided I want to buy a Mooncup. I found these three sites: (ohio) (ohio) (texas)

Which one do I buy from?
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A very weird side effect of the Mooncup

Hi everyone.

I use my Mooncup very irregularly (more on that in a moment). But every time I do have a successful go at it, it makes my cycle - not just the period itself, but the whole cycle - really short! The first time, I went from 32 days to 22 days. The second time, to 19 days. Well, I managed to use it again in the middle of this last November. It made my cycle 13 days.

That is way whacked out and a bit disconcerting, especially since the time between ovulation and flow (luteal phase, I believe it is called) is always 14 days. Always, without fail, I could set my calendar to it. I usually know when I ovulate because I feel it, so that's how I know it's 14 days.

So in order to manage a 13-day cycle, I had to have a dramatically short luteal phase. Since I was suffering the killer cramps from hell on Friday, the phase is likely to have only been 5 days. I also don't think I could stomach the idea of two periods a month on a regular basis. Eeesh!

It is completely and utterly baffling and I wonder if any other ladies have had this happen to them.

*As to why I use it irregularly - it's a vicious cycle. I decide to use the Mooncup after months (or longer) hiatus, it works beautifully and I'm in love again. Then the next cycle when I'm stoked to use it again, it fails to work for me. It just isn't sitting comfortably, now matter what I try to do. So in depressed frustration, I take a long hiatus from it. I wonder if any ladies have had this happen to them too.
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Hi everyone! (all hail your new overlord)

Hi all,

I'm very happy to announce that I am now helping kellybellynet maintain this community.

You'll probably all have seen me around - I've been a regular contributor here since about mid 2004. At the moment I'm a fresh faced recent graduate living in Oxford, UK.

Have no fear, I don't plan on making any significant changes. I think this is already easily one of the friendliest, most helpful and least drama filled community I'm in on LiveJournal. So all this change really means is that if there's spam, rudeness or anything else that needs modly attention you should contact me instead of Kelly, and I will take care of it ASAP.

I do work full time which means I'm unlikely to be online during working hours (9-5 GMT) but I will keep an eye out for anything huge. Contact me via my LJ email or in the open post on my journal.

I will probably tidy up the memories/tags/layout a little bit, but I don't have anything big planned. However, if you have any ideas or suggestions, please do let me know in the comments!

I think that's it really. Thank you everyone for keeping this place so awesome.