December 3rd, 2007

david glasses

Shifting cup?

Tomorrow is going to be my first cycle with my new DivaCup! I have done a dry run without to much trouble and couldn't wait...until I thought of something. During the dry run I literally had it in for a minute while I stood up and was all "Hey, I can't feel it!" and pulled it out again BUT when the cup is in their for a few hours does it shift around? I'm worried about it shifting up and me not being able to grab it to pull it out again (at this stage the stem is still on it, but still). Does the suction (especially super suction of the Diva) stop it from shifting? Or are their ways of getting it out without a trip to the doctors if it does go too far up?

Too Small?

My friend at school recently introduced me to the concept of menstrual cups and I am very interested.  I really want to buy one, but am afraid that I might be...too small.  I am sixteen years old and about five foot two, if that gives you any idea about my build.  My friend let me look at her diva cup and it just looks so HUGE!  I can use slim fit and regular tampons, but I have never tried bigger.  Do you think I would be able to use a menstrual cup?  If so, which brand?  From the little research I have done, I have found that the Diva is the smallest, would that be correct?