December 2nd, 2007

sex and insteads

I am curious about having sex with insteads.  My boyfriend is all against having sex when I have my period, but I figure this is one way I can get around that.  But we use condoms and I am curious if there would be any way that the instead cup could interfere with a condom.  I don't want it to break.

Also, I know that they are technically not contraceptives and should not be relied on exclusively for that reason, but could it provide some benefit if something were to go wrong?  Theoretically.  On a side note, I actually read somewhere that some women who are trying to get pregnant use insteads to hold the sperm in themselves.  I thought that was an interesting use for them!


instead issues

Hi. So I just recently decided to try instead. I was pretty excited and the first day went really smooth. Tiny amount of leakage but after a small readjustment it was fine all day. The second and third day though I just wasn't really comfortable wearing it. I got it in right, went half the day just fine but am pretty sure that I could feel a "shift" at some point. I was at a friends house so I was reluctant to mess with it. When I went to check it out it definitely had shifted. It happened the next day too. It's very frustrating. It just seems to move a little bit from behind the pubic bone. I also noticed that I had to pee a lot while wearing it and thought I remembered someone mentioning that problem before. When I pushed the instead farther back thinking maybe I just hadn't gotten it far back enough and that's why it was shifting then I could really feel it and it was extremely uncomfortable(no leakage though).

Basically after doing some more research I see that insteads are totally different from menstrual cups. It seems that a cup would be much more comfortable and possibly easier to deal with than insteads are(seems impossible to get it out w/o a little bit of blood on my fingers) I am thinking of just biting the bullet and buying one. I was thinking either the Lunette or Mooncup UK. I am 27 and have never had a child and was thinking about trying the smaller Lunette. Anyone else my age tried the smaller one or anyone have advice which one to go for. Thanks for any input.