October 12th, 2007


cups around the world

I know that there are links to suppliers in various countries in this community's userinfo, but... does anyone know how popular cups are in non-English-speaking countries? I wish I were multilingual so I could browse the sites :(.

First time posting

Hello all. I've just decided to try menstrual cups and have been reading a lot of the information in this community. I got some Insteads from the store, not knowing that there were different kinds of menstrual cups until after I brought them home and started reading up on them. I got them just before my cycle started and have given them a shot, and I'm not terribly pleased.

I'm on my fourth day of trying them now. I'm familiar enough with my internal plumbing that I'm pretty sure I'm getting them in there right. But they leak like crazy. Heavy days or light, they'd start leaking immediately. Which made me really sad because they've seemed pretty comfortable so far.

So I'm thinking I'd better try one of the reusable cups that I've been reading about. But I'm not sure how to decide what to try next. Has anyone come across any info on the web that provides a useful, concise comparison of the different cups available? Or maybe you have some suggestions. I really want to get something that will keep my white karate pants safe when I'm working out at the dojo.