September 24th, 2007



Hi ladies,

I'm a co-director of the peer sexual health group on my college campus. We give at free condoms/dental dams/lube etc. and give out information and referrals. It's really a pretty kick-ass organization, we've been around since the 60's and used to do all sorts of protests and what not. Anyways, I want to run a workshop on alternative menstrual products, and I was wondering if anyone has ever attended one of these and has some ideas. I'm also curious as to if I can get information from some of the menstrual cup companies and from some of the cloth pad distributors to have available. So, if you've ever attended/ran one of these puppies, or just have some ideas from me, it would be much appreciated.

Thank you much!
from miss_hale


i browsed the archive but i didn't see anything about this... (i apologize in advance if i totally missed it)

for anyone who's used a menstrual cup after giving birth vaginally, how soon after could you use your cup?

i'll probably use cloth pads at least for the first 4 weeks while i heal, but my period returned really quickly after my first baby so i'm just wondering how soon i can use the cup.

also, did it hurt to use the cup post-pardum? and was it maybe to... ahem... loose for the cup to be effective?

and while i'm at it- i was hyping the cup to my friend and she wanted to know why it was considered safe to wear while you slept. she worried about the blood just going back inside when you lay down. i wasn't quite sure how to answer her questions convincingly enough. any suggestions? i'm campaigning to turn ALL my friends onto reusable menstrual products:)


<3 becky