July 11th, 2007

A newbie with some questions and concerns.

Hello all!

I received my Diva Cup on the Saturday before last, so this cycle that I'm about to start will be my first time using it.

Anyways, I've been practicing insertion and removal since I got it (is that gross? since I've actually had my period yet?) and I'm a little worried that I'm not doing it correctly. See, I'm finding it really easy to put in and take out (which doesn't seem like a problem, I know, but I guess I'm from the school of thought that if something seems to good to be true, it probably is). I'm using the "c fold" and it just pops right in without question. And when removing it, I barely have to pinch the base at all. Now, I've read up on the Diva's super suction (I believe someone said you might actually see stars if you tried to remove it without breaking the seal) and either everyone is exaggerating like crazy or I'm not doing it right.  Because honestly, I think I could pull it out right now without pinching the bottom at all and only feel the slightest pull. Does that mean that it hasn't popped open all the way? I hear a bit of a...slurpy sound when I insert, which I would assume is the cup popping open, but I'm not sure.

Is there any way to be 100% positive that it's open? (That is question and concern number one)

Another thing I've noticed is that people tend to complain about the little stem poking them. Well, mine is up too far to poke anything. When sitting on the toilet, I would say that the end of the stem is about level with the lips of my labia (that's TMI, I know. I'm sorry). Is that higher than it should be? I've also noticed that
when I insert it, I've noticed that my lower abdomen feels a bit...heavy. And a little crampy. Bearing down slightly seems to relieve the feeling a bit. Is that another indication that it's perhaps too far up?

Could you ever insert the cup too far up? Not in the sense that it would get lost or anything (I know better than that) but in the sense that it wouldn't be as effective if it was too high?

Also, I think that I'm getting a yeast infection (Why me, vagina gods?) and I know that you shouldn't use tampons when you've got one, but what about the cup? Can you use it during a yeast infection?

Aaand, I think that's it for now.

Thanks in advance,


Heavy/Weird Bleeding

I'm having my period and using the Keeper, as usual - the timing on this period was regular, but I'm experiencing some really strange bleeding today, the fourth day of the period, which is usually when it lightens up. I noticed that about one hour after emptying my cup midday that I was "experiencing Keeper failure" - meaning my cup was full - sometimes that happens on very heavy days. When I emptied it though, I noticed that not only was there the usual blood (which was bright red) there were also some fairly substantial pieces of tissue (sorry! graphic!). Ok, whatever, I figured, maybe it's just my body getting rid of everything...One hour LATER though, and the same thing happens, and the blood is bright red, and still very chunky - it happened again too...so like four cupfuls in a span of four hours.

I'm not in any pain, but I'm curious whether I might be experiencing an early miscarriage? Seeing as I am not trying to get pregnant, this doesn't bother me, but I was wondering. I've never experienced such a chunky or unusual flow. I also have a copper IUD which I've had with no complications for a year and a half. Should I be resting or eating lots of iron rich-foods or something? I feel pretty much fine besides being irritated that I chose to wear khaki pants today.

As a gift?

Hello all! I'm an occasional commenter, first time poster. I'm nineteen, live in upstate New York and love my MooncupUK.

My little cousin, she's not that little she's 16, is going to live in Spain for a year and I think that I'm going to get her a cup. She'll be pretty much on her own for the first time and I thought it would make things a little bit easier for her. I can't even tell you how much I wish somebody had told me about a cup at 16. The thing is, I don't know which cup to get for her. I have the smaller Mooncup and love it, but I was wondering what you guys thought? Seeing as everyone here has been such a valuable resource to me in the past : )

Thanks in advance!

Got a leaky Diva?

I've been a pretty happy Diva cup user for over a year. I started with the larger size and a few months ago I bought a smaller one as back-up and to see if the size really matters.

My older cup (the large one) sometimes leaked, more than just excess fluid from insertion/removal, but not enough to leak through my undies. However after a number of cycles using strictly the smaller cup, and am happy to report NO LEAKS! NONE! I leave the cup in for 10-12 hours on a typical day. Also, I started hormonal BC last month and the small Diva was a lifesaver for the first few weeks of spotting!

So perhaps if you are experiencing leakage with the large cup, go against logic and give the small cup a try! My guess is my vaginal muscles probably collapsed the larger cup soon after insertion, causing it to leak, but really, I have no idea why this happened!