June 14th, 2007

arms crossed
  • xantha

newbie questions: shifting cup + leakage; high impact sports

This is my first cycle with the keeper mooncup and so far it's been mostly enjoyable. I've been through the memories but I didn't see anything specifically on either of these questions.

Overnight while I sleep, my cup seems to shift and move up inside, which I suspect means that it ends up next to my cervix, and results in leakage. Is there a way to prevent this? Is it possible that I am setting it up too high when I insert it, which makes it more prone to shifting? Is it possible that while I can spin it around and it feels like it is fully open, that it's not? Any suggestions?

Also, I play ice hockey, which as most of you probably know, is a high impact sport with a lot of body contact. I wear a pelvic protector which is basically a big piece of plastic that sits over my pelvis to protect me from the puck or a stick hitting me there. But I find myself a little nervous about wearing my cup to play in. Does anyone have any experience wearing their cup while playing a high impact sport (someone was mentioning rugby earlier this week; the memories I found were mostly about yoga and swimming)? I suppose I shouldn't be worried, it's just new to me! :)

Today's my first day out and about with it in (I've been wearing it around the house), so wish me luck! :)

re: fitting the cup, and leaks

Hello, long time reader first time poster :)
I got a Mooncup UK last week to use on my period this week. My first day was fine, I had it in with no leaks or anything but my first day is very very light. The stem was long and rubbed me so I cut it off. However the next day it felt uncomfortable to have it so low (even with the stem trimmed it is just inside my vagina) and walk around so I pushed it up higher. This felt more comfortable but it leaked! By the evening it was leaking really badly, and it wasn't full either :(
So how far does it go in? Literally just inside as I find this irritates me a little if I walk/run (I do both of these alot) or an inch in, 2 inches..etc. I don't know whether it wasn't sealing but I used the punchdown method and popped it in but when I twisted it it just kept turning, should it have sealed and stopped being able to move?
I really want this to work, pads and tampons suck

First time Instead user (funny smell?), how to size reusables, sex with cup?

I bought my first box of Insteads just yesterday, and have since told probably 8 people about them.  I'm very excited about it!  However, when I took my first one out last night, I noticed that it smelled rather bad.  Does anyone else notice an icky smell when they take their cup out?
Also, I'm planning on getting an IUD next month, so I know I'll have to buy a reusable cup and no longer use the Insteads.  Since the Insteads work ok, do I just get a "normal" sized one?  Is there any other way to size yourself?
And, sex with Insteads.  I want to, but I'm worried that since my bf is kinda large that it'll just break the seal and get blood everywhere.  It seems like with the way it sits, that he would just push against the side of it and it would collapse.  Yet it sounds like lots of you have done it successfully?  Do you have any tips?