June 2nd, 2007

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Proof that Menstrual Cups are Safe


I asked my parents if I could have a menstrual cup and they were really against it. They think it won't be safe.

They told me I needed to show them proof from medical journals, or other sources that menstrual cups are safe.

So do you guys know any articles, journals, etc. about menstrual cup safety?

Sidenote: I'm 17, so would you guys recommend the small Lunette or the small Mooncup?

  • My dad is concerned because I might have a blood clotting problem (blood clotting too easily) because he does, so he's extra cautious
  • He doesn't believe the "propaganda" of the websites and doesn't care if the FDA approved it.
  • He doesn't care if they're better than tampons because "tampons are out of question anyway"

Problems with insertion/removal

Hello! I just got my Lunette this past Tuesday, and so far, I'm pretty happy with it. I just have a few concerns that maybe you could help me with.

Insertion problems:
Most of the time, I can get the cup properly positioned and opened with no problem. But I noticed, especially now since I'm at the end of my period, that I am doing some kind of damage every time I insert the cup. I know that I have some hymenal tissue remaining, even though I'm not a virgin, and I think that I must be inadvertently pinching or tearing that tissue, because there is bright red blood every time I insert. And I keep staining my underwear, because although my cup doesn't leak at all, I'm bleeding from below the cup. Do you have any suggestions on how I can prevent this?

Removal problems:
I have a hell of a time removing the cup, almost every time. I have to bear down and feel around for the stem, and then grip the end of it with my fingernails (often pinching myself in the process), and pull it down until I'm able to get a finger alongside the cup to break the seal. Usually, it takes several minutes, and then I have to take a break because all my muscles tense up...and then I have to start all over again because my vaginal muscles pull the cup back up out of reach. Is there a better way?

Also, I noticed that with the cup in, I always feel a faint pressure. Sometimes it makes me feel like I need to urinate, and sometimes it feels like menstrual cramps, but I can always feel it. And the darn stem pokes me, lol, but I can't cut it off for fear of not being able to remove it at all!

I really love the convenience and environmental friendliness of the cup, but I'm a little discouraged by these issues I've been having. Maybe it just takes practice?

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Hi there!

This is my very first day ever using a cup. I got a Diva Cup and didn't have any problems inserting it. But! When I went to take it out just now I had a really hard time getting a grip on it. Is it common to have to work so hard to get it out? I couldn't even get a grip on the stem bc of the angle it was at. Did I do something wrong when inserting it? I folded it in half and half again like the box said and then sort of shoved it up there until it felt like it was going to stay. Is there something I can do to make it not shift like that? It freaked me right out.

Also, I'm fixing to head to bed and am a little nervous about sleeping with it in. Is it safe to leave it in overnight? I don't have any cloth pads atm. :(
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A Success-ish Story!

For those of you following the Bloody Saga, here's Part III (in which relatively small amounts of blood appear, and no screaming is involved)

I finally feel comfortable posting this publicly, as it's a bit less... detailed.

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In conclusion, I'm still having some issues, particularly with bloody fingers and seal-breaking, but now that my bleeding isn't so heavy, it's going better. Also, does anyone else find that their stem seems to be to one side or the other? Is my cup in crooked, or is my vagina crooked? (Yes, yes, I know, cut it off, but it's not too irritating and I'm not ready to go that far yet! I barely know my cup!)

~Monkeyscience, Bloody Chronicler extraordinaire