May 6th, 2007

New Mooncup UK leakage

Hi Ladies,

I'm new to this group, but I have been browsing your posts for about a month now because I had ordered a Mooncup UK size B, and I've been eager to get usage tips from you guys.  Anyway, I ordered the size B because I haven't had any kids yet, and I just turned 29.  Now, I'm thinking that maybe I should have ordered the A size because I'm having serious leakage, and very little fluid is actually being collected in the cup.  I have tried different insertion techniques (the origami fold and the 7 fold), and the cup always feels like it is open and in the correct position.  I have tried doing Kegels, but all they seem to do is force more blood out.  I'm wondering if maybe I'm not getting enough suction, so this morning I tried poking through the holes to make sure they were clear.  However, I am back to wearing tampons today because I'm working a 12 hour shift, and I really didn't feel like messing with this in the bathroom all day today.  Tomorrow I'm off, so I will try to use it again.  I'm really wondering how much of a difference the bigger size could make, and if it's worth buying another one.  Any advice you ladies could give me on how to stop the leaking would be greatly appreciated as I'm sooooo tired of tampons and pads.

Thanks much,

Collecting lube remains with my Diva Cup

Just an experience I wanted to share: I use lots of lube with my dildo, which feels great while I'm masturbating, but it doesn't feel so great anymore when I've finished, put my clothes back on and the lube remains flow out of my vagina and soak my underwear. I used to wear pantyliners after dildo usage, but they get so wet so quickly that I feel like changing them every ten minutes.

So, today after having played with my dildo and getting dressed again, I thought: Why not take this as another opportunity to practise with my Diva Cup. I put it in to collect the remaining lube, and it worked perfectly! Now I'm really looking forward to my period which should start in about two days. I can't wait to finally use my cup for what it's been made for. :-)

1st time using the Lunette

Today was my first time using the Lunette I bought a few weeks ago. I should start off by saying that I always hated tampons, and the whole inserting business, but I really wanted to give a menstrual cup a try. I do not want to go back to using messy pads, I want this to work for me.

I am having a really hard time trying to fold it and insert it. It seems like the silicone is very tough, and the fold pops open before I can fully insert it. I tried a few times, and I feel like I'm not inserting it high enough, but it's painful. I find that I do experience some discomfort when my husband is inserting and removing during sex. I also experience discomfort during insertion and removal during a regular gyno exam. My doctor said my vagina is sensitive. So what's up? What can I do regarding the cup? I just can't seem to get it inserted without any discomfort, and then once it's inserted, it's not high enough. I can feel the little stem if I walk around. Also, removal is very painful.

Do I need to just work on this more? Is the lunette too large? Help. I'm just started my period, and I really do not want to use pads.

** EDIT **

I finally successfully inserted the Lunette, but I can only do it while lying down. This isn't going to work for when I need to drain it at work. I'm getting so frustrated. I keep trying to insert while sitting in the bathroom, and I am having no luck. It is so painful no matter which way I fold. The 7 fold is the only one that works. I managed to insert it twice, and somehow the lunette turned upside down when I inserted it. I was so upset, and thought it was going to get stuck in there. I ended up having to pull it out from the rim. I don't know if that makes sense. Anyway, it just feels so painful, like it is just sitting too low. I can't seem to push it up anymore because the rim on the cup is so thick. :( Should I try the Mooncup UK?

Lower Positioning = Success?

Today was the first day I used my Mooncup UK and it didn't suck up and to the left around my cervix (where it leaks). I wore it for four hours for the first time without leaking. For once I think it was actually open all the way, which leads me to my concern: I think that my pubic bone is low and ends up in the way. I look at the diagrams for cups and it seems like they tuck down in the lowest area of the vagina below the bone...

Anyway, does anyone wear theirs below the pubic bone? Any ideas as to how to get the cup to open up all the way with the bone in the way? That's definitely been my issue. Oh, and it still works its way up and lets out air every once in a while. Still, some progress is always good right? :)