May 2nd, 2007

Bladder pressage or something!

Hey guys. I just got my Lunette in the mail, and I'm thrilled to use it! Much to my surprise, I was able to take my small Divacup out, put in the Lunette, and business as usual.

Problem? I went to take it out, wash it, and put it back in before bed. OMFG it pressed something in there, and I felt the urge to pee. I tried to pee and it sent cramps throughout my bladder and abdomen. So I took it out, peed a TON, then tried to put my small Diva in, and had the same frickin problem!

I keep trying to angle it backwards and up a bit, but it seems I can't push it in further without getting a "plunger" feeling. What the heck is going on? I was so excited, and now it's ruined!


what to do so i can wear my lunette more then 4 hours??

Apparently it isn't going that great as i thought. I've been measuring the time before the bubbles come every time and that is after 4 hours of wearing it. It's not depending of urination as i thought in the first place.
I sooooooooo want the Lunette to work till its full ! 
When it starts bubbling, the leaking comes right after that.
What  do you guys do when you where your cup more then 4 hours? Do you push it back right to place every now and then?

If i didn't had this problem i could were my lunette 6-8 hours on my heaviest days. 
i could put my mooncup in, but i don't because i want to try things out so i can wear it longer.

If i can't solve this problem, i have bought my lunette for nothing. Because the mooncup holds what i loose in 4 hours to, and even much more!


EDIT: same problem with my mooncup UK, so it isn't the lunette who's bad working.

First time Diva Cup use - excitement and questions

While I'm writing this, I'm wearing my Diva Cup for the first time! Whoohooo!! My period is due next week, so I thought maybe some practise before would be a good idea.

So, imagine myself in the bathroom with my laptop showing the folding techniques , a bottle of lube and my Diva. First, I tried the C fold, I managed to get it in but it felt like it might be easier with another fold. Plus the stem irritated me. So out with it, cut half the stem off, and gave it another try with the punch-down fold. This was a lot easier, slided in nicely, but the stem still irritated me. So I pulled it out again, cut off the whole stem, and tried again. Now it's better, but I still feel there's something inside me. So what I'd like to know is:

1. Though I still feel it, I have the impression it sits in the right place. I tried moving it in a bit deeper, but it's as if it fits and doesn't want to go in any deeper. I don't feel the whole cup inside me, just the lower bit. As if it were a bit too long. Now I know that the Diva Cup is the longest (I'm 31 and have not given birth, so I have size 2), so maybe the Mooncup would suit me better? Judging from this picture, it seems quite a bit shorter.

2. I don't feel it pop open. From what I read so far, I thought you'd feel or even hear it, but I don't. I can twist it, though. Does that mean it's open, even though I don't feel it open?

And removing it is just... not so nice. I think I need a bit more practise on that.

Update: I just ordered a Mooncup. I couldn't resist. :-)

Update #2: I cut off a bit of the base of the Diva Cup, and now it feels perfect.

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IUD / No Strings / Instead Softcup

I know there are a ton of IUD posts but I didn't see any really answering my question completely. I have an IUD, Mirena, have had it for 9 months now with no problems. However, my strings were cut really short and 95% of the time they are inside my cervix, if they are outside of it they are no longer than a few millimeters out. Since there isn't a problem with my strings getting caught and pulled out by the instead softcups, can I try them? Or is there also a great risk of suction moving it? Thanks