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MY SISTER IS A CONVERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I found out about cups about six months ago and plunged in head first. I think they are awesome. My first finding was the Diva Cup, before I found this wonderful community. I told my sister about it, (shes 18, and away at school in Idaho) and she thought the concept of cups was great. When she came home last week for Christmas break, she asked for a tampon and I said I don't have any but I have your cup...she was a little intimidated at first but later when I wasn't home, she took the plunge!!! She came to me this morning to tell me of her experience. I was overjoyed because I had no idea of her adventure. She said she used it yesterday no problem, her and my mom found Melissa's folding video on youtube and insertion and removal was easy. She said when she wore it last night she thought that it was in right but during the night she had a little bit of leaking, and she was disappointed. She put it back in anyways and is soldiering on. We did a little bit of troubleshooting and I think she didn't have it completely positioned correctly...we'll see what the next few days bring.

I'm so excited for my second convert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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