December 29th, 2005

Rain (Boomer)

four things about my divacup

* My period was four days late, and I used my cup for those four days. I'd just check it every few hours to see if it had started yet. If I tried to use a tampon preemptively, I would have gone through half a box.
* I've discovered that when my cup doesn't pop open, it's usually hung up on my cervix and not due to pressure differentials at all.
* I spent five hours in the car on the first day of my period and it didn't leak at all. At a restroom stop, I checked the seal, but it held. I couldn't have done that with tampons, either.
* Last night I dropped my cup in the toilet. I was sleepy and my hands were cold and not dextrous. I had to fish around in the bowl (I couldn't see the cup because the water was red with my blood)...oh god. So gross. I could only find witch hazel to use as a disinfectant and the water was too cold to get a satisfactorily sanitizing wash. Gross gross gross! What would you have done?