December 27th, 2005


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I don't think I have ever looked foward to my period before, but it started yesterday. My brand spankin' new diva cup arrived a few weeks ago, so I excitedly got to use my cup for the first time last night. I put it in before I went to bed, and it went in suprisingly easy (with a little lube). I slept with it in, and it didn't leak at all! I could feel it a bit, but nothing major. Getting it out went pretty smooth this morning. I'm on my way to work now and I have it in... I'm so excited! I love this thing! If I wear a tampon to bed, I usually soak through and have to wear a pad with it anyway, but this thing didn't leak at all, no mess. Well, besides the crime scene on my hands when I insert it, heh. But, I love it! I'm so excited to have found this!
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I finally got my Mooncup in the mail yesterday. Yay!
I let it soak in sterilizing solution over night and I tried it out (dry run, I'm only getting my period in about three weeks).
I got it in without too much trouble (I used the "punch down" method)but I'm not sure if it popped open, because there was a popping sound when I pulled it out and it didn't really hurt.

Am I thinking too much about this or am I just extremely lucky?

BTW, did anybody else have a lot of discharge?