December 24th, 2005

Jungle Boogie

Removal can be a bitch

So, I got the cup out of environmental concerns, and so far it's adventure, for sure. I'm only on day three, so I'm still pretty hopefully. I'm pretty good at inserting it...that hasn't really been painful since day one, and I'm getting quicker at it. HOWEVER, removing hurts like hell. I just can't seen to break the suction, so I just bear down and pull...and it's really not something I want to repeat.

Also, I haven't cut the stem off at all - I think my cup must ride extremely high, because often I can't find the stem (and the whoooole thing is on there!) and have to spread a few moments searching for it. I can't imagine how I'd get it out without it, considering I can't even find it sometimes.

As a side note, this community has been extremely helpful in the whole process. It's amazing how many women use these/are interested in them, considering there's like zero advertising for them. Aside from my mother, every woman I've told about the Keeper (that's what I have) has not only heard of it, but has seriously considered it - for health, environment, money, conveinence, whatever, but are scared to take the plunge. I'm the first of my friends to try it, and if I can just figure out how to remove it without excessive pain, I'll be pretty much sold.

So, basically...what's your favorite way to remove your cup?