December 22nd, 2005

Backwards uterus, damaged cervix, and a Nuva Ring use= Hopeless?

Hello all. I'm new here. I just found out about these cup products today actually (can you believe that?!)
Anyways, I am very interested in these as I really dislike the costs of disposable products, they irritate me, they harm the earth, etc.etc.etc..
I have some problems though:
1st off, my uterus is backwards.
2nd: I was unable to go into full labor when giving birth to my son and ended up having to give birth to a huge baby almost 2 months overdue. They gave me WAAAAAAY too much pitocin and my cervix literally ripped open (I almost bled to death giving birth). It has caused damage to my cervix in the sense that most women have a perfectly round-ended cervix with a small hole in the end, mine however, is now slightly mis-shaped and the hole is very wide open, scarred badly, etc.
3rd: I currently use a Nuva Ring as birth control (although I must say I may switch soon as my hair is falling out badly and it's making me very moody - almost insane!)
I am wondering if any of these problems could cause me to not be able to use or have aggrevating difficulty using a cup?


sorry if this already came up, but it seems like such an unusual problem that I dont think it would have... So I have had my DivaCup for only 2 months now, this is the second month. I used it yesterday with no problem, worked real well... But I was trying to put it in earlier today while I was in the shower, and I was having pretty bad cramps, as it was... And it felt like trying to put the cup in was aggrivating them... I tried 3 times and I couldnt get the cup in, because the cramps hurt so badly. After that I just stopped trying and used a pad, and layed down because my cramps hurt so much. :(

Has anyone had similar problems? Fortunately I just got the cup, so I do have left over pads and tampons, but in the future I plan to rely solely on the cup... So what do I do if this happens again in the future? Has anyone had cramps bad enough they couldn't get their cup in? Whats this all about? Thanks for any help you can give me. I dont want to end up not being able to get my cup in in the future.

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I'm sure you guys (girls ;D) get this all the time, but I CANNOT WAAAAIT FOR MY PERIOD TO START!

I just got my Insteads, and I walked around for a half hour or so, laughing and jumping and laying down/standing up and generally mucking around and I LOVE them. I couldn't feel them at all! The 27th just can't come soon enough!