December 19th, 2005


Please help! :(

I know this is going to sound quite repetitive, but I honestly have spent hours reading all of the entries in this community regarding my problem and although they have been the sense that it makes me feel like I'm not 'alone' they have not been helpful enough to allow me to fix this. Like I need support that is directed towards me.

I have never used tampons before (because I was and still am terrified of TSS) but did use pads, but the problem with them was that they always caused me nasty yeast infections, and rashes (even when I don't use the 'scented' ones) the end of my periods I usually felt unbelieveably dried out and take everything I just said and multiply it by ten. That's just how bad it was (every month :s ). To get relief at times (from pads), and this might sound gross to you, but I would use clothes made out of cotton material instead and basically not leave my room for three days. hahaha.

So naturally I was EXCITED, beyond in I did a dance, when I heard about the diva cup, I literally spent weeks reading about them and visiting all kinds of communities (to read about people who used them), after reading all the good reviews, even the bad ones...I decided to buy the cup because the bad reviews usually dealt with not being able to get it in...

As I waited impatiently for it to arrive I figured it was going to be rough, and I was terrified by the size of it as shown in the site, and comforted a 'little' when they finally arrived. I don't know, maybe because I'm a small person with really small hands but they still seemed huge, I remember thinking you want me to put this in my vagina?! No way!

But I continuted to be excited about it non the less....

But now I've had it for two weeks and I cannot for the life of me insert it in! :( I have tried warm baths, insane lubrication (natural as I get excited/wet easily :P) , and relaxing and even 'fingering' myself to lead the cup to it's destination but zip...nada.

Oh yea, I'm a virgin, and I realize that's the biggest reason I can't get it all in because my stupid hymen is in the way. >:( I have just finished a two hour attempt to insert it in.

It just won't go in more than half way before I hit mounts of flesh. I even positioned a mirror above me to try to help me out and yup it's the hymen.

So is there anyway other advice you can offer me? I am desperate. I want this so badly. I refuse to start my next period without this, because it'll mean countless infections, dryness, strange smells and other monstrasities. :( Unless I go free willy as my mom puts it and just let the blood flow...freely...


I would apperciate it if virgins or even anyone who had immense difficulty in the beginning would share with me what HELPED them to finally be able to insert it (give me all kinds of exercises, anything!). I don't care what you have to say just as long as you think it's helpful, send it over.

I am now extremely emotional about this whole affair. I believe that this will make my periods unbelieveably easier so that it's not the monster that it is right now because of the products I use. And I realize that there are other options out there but I WANT THE DIVA CUP!

pleaaaase help!

P.S. I hope I applied the tags correctly. And I'm sorry if this is making little sense. English ain't my first language. :P And I'm sorry this is so long winded...but I really love this place so I guess I went overboard with the rants. Please forgive me.
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Cervix in the Way

I did a search and checked the memories, but didn't quite find an answer to my question.

My cervix is on the side, and I absolutely have to get it inside of the cup or there is massive leaking. But when I say in the side, I mean absolutely squished at the wall of my vagina. It's incredibly difficult to maneuver the rim between my cervix and the wall. In the process, I end up bruising my poor cervix like crazy. It's quite painful.

Right now, I just try and push the cup in at an extreme angle. This usually just results in the rim hitting my cervix dead on. *cringe* Then I kinda try to push the top over with my finger. Again, running into the cervix.

Does anyone who needs to get their cervix inside the cup have any special techniques they use to minimize the pain? I'd be incredibly happy to insert my cup with much less maneuvering and sharp pains.