December 18th, 2005

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Dry run with mooncup, discomfort/problems while wearing.

After looking at various cups and wanting to get one for a few months I finally ordered a mooncup and it arrived yesterday morning to my excitement.
I boiled it for the 5 minutes and then did a couple of dry runs to practise putting it in and out.
I'm a virgin (using model B) and I expected some pain putting it in and out and it wasn't that bad at first, though there was some - the main problem is discomfort while it's in, is this usual and will it lessen with more use?
I tried twice yesterday and twice more today and getting it in and out was getting better but it's still uncomfortable while it's in. I had the same problem with tampons for a while until I got used to it and am definitely willing to keep trying but am just wondering if there's something wrong with the positioning. It isn't pain as such and it's not caused by the stem (which I haven't cut at all since I'm still not 100% on removal) as far as I can tell, it seems more as if they're cramps and the discomfort feels as if it's in the area in the vagina above the cup not around it. I checked and the cup had opened up.
This last time I tried I used the punch down method to see if that would make it easier to get in (rather than the c-fold I'd been trying) and it did and discomfort while it was in was also much less for a couple of minutes but then it came back.
I took it out too fast accidently so it was painful, but thought nothing of it until I went to check and there was a lot of blood, as if I had my period. I'm guessing I broke my hymen, but I'd heard there's not usually that much blood whereas this was so much I've had to wear a pad.
I'm waffling a lot, but what I want to know is if anyone else had a problem with the mooncup while it was in - does it mean it's too low? - should I persevere with trying, and also is this amount of blood usual?

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Hi all. New member here. My introduction is posted here.
I just started using Instead cups again yesterday (I tried them a few years ago, and they didn't really work that well), and so far, I love them. It seems to me like they're "training" cups. It seems like everyone who tries Instead moves on to a more permanent cup later on.
Since I've been using Instead, I've been experiencing what I've come to call "phantom bleeding", where it feels like the cup is leaking, like the way your period would normally feel coming out of you, but when you go to check, there's no blood. Has anybody else had this happen?