December 16th, 2005

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Month 2 with the lovely DivaCup is going swimmingly! At least as of now it is!

I knew good old Aunt Flow was going to be coming sometime this week, so I was anxiously awaiting another use of my cup. Around 3:00 this morning, I had to pee really bad so I woke up and noticed some brown spottage. I was so tired that I just couldn't put the cup in at the moment so instead I grabbed a pad from my closet. Mind you, I despise pads with a fiery passion. Girls, I'm telling you..I slept awful for the rest of the night. My legs were even restless because I just can't stand the feeling of my blood dripping out while I sleep. But damn, I was just so tired I really had no choice. Oh well, you get the point. Pads=death.

I finally figured two hours later "screw this, I need my cup." Got up, stuck that bad boy in and went back to bed. When I got up this morning though, there was major leakage. It was then I realized that I had inserted it too high. I actually liked the way it felt better when it was higher because I couldn't feel the rest of the stem I have, but I took it out and stuck it back in the way I had it for my last period and so far no leaks. I think I'll cut the rest of the stem off today, because it's bothering the bejeezes out of me.

Just wanted to send you all an update. I really am surprised that the cup isn't give me much trouble *at all*. Usually these things never work for me, but I'm glad this is one product I won't be returning! Enjoy your week everybody :0)