December 14th, 2005

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ok. so i tried giving it another shot at the divacup. but i can still feel the stem! i mean i cut practically the whole thing off. i think it's to low. i can easily put my finger on my surface and i could feel it. i can't get it up anymore so i figured it's suppose to just sit right there. that was my only problem last night so i tossed it and put in a tampon instead. i really want to use it but i just keep having problems :(

Attack of the paranoia!

What is this I hear of a possibility of a fatal embolism if air gets in the happy place? And how would this affect my cup usage since I have to release the suction - which seems to let air in there..?

I'm sure this has been addressed, but I've dug through the memories and google and such and the scariest things I've found is that stuff with the retrograde flow. (Which didn't seem to make much logical sense to me anyway..?)

Which Cup to Try?

So I posted this awhile ago. Summary? Even though I'm nulliparous and under 30, I think I might need the larger sized cup due to leaking.

But then I read this link, also posted to this community. Summary? The shape of the cup might make as much difference in leak prevention as size does. (Not that one cup is inherently better than another, but that women are shaped differently both inside and out.)

Essentially, I've decided this: For Christmas, I'm going to get a second menstrual cup. (I currently have the Diva in the prebirth size.) My current dilemma: Do I get the larger sized Diva, or do I try out a Mooncup? (I like the silicone, so I'm not really too interested in a Keeper right now.) Also, if I get a Mooncup, do I get the prebirth or the postbirth size?

If I only get one of them, cost is not really an issue, but I probably can't get more than one.

So I basically have 2 questions:

1) Especially if you have experience using more than one kind of reusable menstrual cup, which do you think would be best for me? (Never pregnant, 24 years old, 5'8".) Why?

2) Just for your own interest -- whether it would be of practical use or simply for your own curiousity -- which would you rather I got (to post a comparison with the prebirth Diva)? Why?

(I will doubtless make my own decision in the matter. Right now, though, I'm more or less torn, so I'm looking for any outside opinions I can get.) Thanks!

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