December 12th, 2005

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Hello. Newbie here.

I’ve never used a menstrual cup. And I’m curious about the difference between DivaCups and MoonCups? I tried checking the memories, but I haven’t been able to access them.

Has any one used both?

What are the big differences between them?

The Keeper is out, I’m allergic to latex.

I’m curious because DivaCups are phenomenally easier to get I’m in Michigan, and if there weren’t a variety of stores carrying the DC I’d just go to Canada. If I could get the Mooncup that easily I’d probably just buy both and try them.

So? Any thoughts on which one might be better?

Things you might need to know about me:

I’m currently on Depo and haven’t had a real period in almost 3 years. When I had them, they were killer heavy with nasty cramps. I’m getting an IUD in January when the last dose of Depo is up.

Much thanks!!!