December 11th, 2005


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So, second cycle on the cup, and so far so good. On my first cycle I had a lot of leaking and trouble positioning the cup so that it didn't feel uncomfortable (even with the stem completely off), along with the usual "I can't get it to open" gripe.

Granted, I'm only on my third day (of 8 - blah), but I used the punch-down method, and so far I haven't had any leaks. I also learned how to twist it to make sure it's open all of the way. I usually despise my periods (I'm a former pad user), but I only have to change my cup once in the morning and once at night, so most the time I can just forget it's even happening.

One problem I am having, though, is general soreness. I don't know if my bits just aren't used to having a large cup in them, but I seem to be more crampy than usual, and just inside my vagina is kind of sore. It's probably just from removal and insertion, since I never used so much as a tampon before the cup (and removal is brutal), but did anyone else experience this?

I'm going to pop a few Aleve and hope I just get used to it. Because other than that minor irritation, it's been fantastic so far this cycle. I will NEVER go back to using anything else.
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yet another "I love my cup" story

OK, I thought my period was over. I always think it's over before it is, because it stops for a day after 5 days then waits a day then has another day. You'd think I'd be able to remember this, but I guess it's wishful thinking that I hope it's REALLY over. Go figure. Anyway, I thought it was over (partly because I can't count days sometimes...) and this morning I decided to wear a white skirt to church. Right before I left, I thought "Well, maybe my period isn't over. I'll just stick my cup in anyway." (side note: this is something I never did before I got my Keeper. I didn't want a dry tampon in me... eek!) So I did. And this afternoon, lo and behold, there is blood in my Keeper. But none on the skirt!

almost there...

okay, so i've been trying to get my DC in for a few days, but couldn't quite get it past my hymen, and kept forgetting to check the memories for the alternate folding methods. So i remembered to check tonight, and saw the punch in method, which was theone i was trying to duplicate but couldn't quite get it.. and it almost worked. I got the rim past my hymen, but from then, pushing it just hurt. I can't tell if i was just pushing it at too much of an angle or something, or if it was the hymen disagreeing with me or if it was me going 'oh god, my fingers are slipping, its gonna pop open and hurt like a fish'... any suggestions?

Also, i know that once in the vagina, there arent many nerves, so its not supposed to hurt, but on one of my first tries, my fingers slipped and it popped open just outside the opening, which hurt a lot, so now i'm afraid i might fear the 'pop!' once its inside- (also, when i almost got it in, i couldnt tell how close the rest of it was to getting in, hence my 'fear the pain' thought- i didn't want it to pop half in and half out- i imagine that would hurt even worse!

so uh, any thoughts?