December 8th, 2005


still teething

I just finished my second cycle using the Diva Cup and it went reasonably well. Insertion was a breeze, I still had trouble getting the cup to open but it eventually did and I got better at inserting it the punch down way then pushing it open.

I've been reading other cup newbie posts and now I figure I had an entirely too easy time of things my first time around--beginner's luck. This time is seems that either my flow was heavier or I just didn't have it inserted right. First, I have a feeling that I insert mine too high simply because I don't have any problems with the stem poking me (then again everyone's anatomy is different)and that's why as one has said "it's a bloody murder scene" all over my hands when I remove the cup. Last month I didn't have any leakage problems and my panty liner was clean and dry even while hiking. This month I was lucky to have a clean panty liner just sitting still all day. It was odd because last month I thought maybe I should get the smaller cup and this month I was all leaky.

I still count myself lucky as I haven't had any major leakage problems that a panty liner couldn't hold, I did however have to skip to the loo multiple times on my second (heaviest flow) day and saved myself from spotting through my pants. I would like to eventually do away with panty liners and perhaps wear luna panties on my heaviest day/night.

I expect everything to keep getting better and by the 4th month I be an old pro. I guess I'd like to know just how low should I wear it? I don't mind cutting part of the stem off the verdict isn't out on my returning it so I don't want to remove the full stem.

It doesn't make sense that I'd have leakage if the cup were too big for me, does it?

Are there any tips anyone could offer on less messy removal? Most times when I empty my cup it's not completely full even if I estimate how much inevitably spills out due to tiltling and gravity, so I think everything gets caught up on the side or top.

and as a side note:

Garlic is a blood thinner, has anyone noticed heavier flow when they've eaten garlic?
Or for that matter have you noticed your blood smelling of the food you eat? I had curry and it was unsettling enough to turn me off of my favorite food. If this is common I'll be sure to not have Indian Food when I'm menstruating.