December 6th, 2005


Master list of tags for the community

Menstrual Cup brands:
· Divacup
· Keeper
· Lunette : A new cup from Finland; not a lot of info on it yet.
· Mooncup (UK)
· Mooncup (US / Keeper)
· Instead

Cup use and:
· allergies-latex
· allergies-silicone
· bowel_movements
· camping&backpacking
· chafing&irritation
· diaphragms&cervical_caps
· dry_run
· endometriosis
· iud : questions and stories relating to IUDs and cup use
· Nuvaring
· ovarian_cysts
· sex : all sex-related issues, including toys, fingers, anal, oral, and vaginal
· sports&physical_activities : running, swimming, sports, yoga, horseback riding, etc.
· tilted_uterus
· urination
· uti-urinary_tract_infection
· virginity
· yeast_infection

General cup-related topics:
· activism : how to promote, inform, and educate people about menstrual cups; places to get pamphlets and promotional materials
· advantages&benefits : why it's good to use a cup!
· blood-other_uses
· cleaning : general cleaning tips, tricks, questions and discussions that don't fit into the other cleaning tags
· cleaning&boiling
· cleaning&public : stories and tips about cleaning your cup in a public place
· cleaning&smell : what's that smell?
· cleaning&stains
· cleaning&sterilising_solution
· cleaning&tea_tree_oil
· cleaning&vinegar
· comparisons&reviews
· cup_pouch&storage
· diagrams&pictures
· diagrams&pictures-icons
· expulsion
· faq
· first_time : stories from first-time cup users
· health_benefits
· health_risks
· insertion : general insertion questions not suitable for insertion-painful&problems; insertion tips and tricks
· insertion-folding_methods
· insertion-painful_or_problems
· leakage&spotting : any questions or discussions about cup leakage and spotting while using a cup
· links : any posts that contain links to an outide source
· menstruation-cramps
· menstruation-heavy_flow
· pads-cloth
· pads-disposable
· poll : polls that have been posted in the community
· popping_open
· removal : general removal questions not suitable for removal-painful&problems; removal tips and tricks
· removal-painful_or_problems
· seal&suction : questions and problems relating to the seal and/or suction of the cup
· sea_sponge
· sizes&size_issues : questions about cup sizes, problems relating to the cup size
· stem_length&trimming : any issues relating to the stem, stem length, or problems with the stem.
· success_story
· tampons
· teething_trouble
· vegetarian&vegan
· where_to_buy : websites and stores where you can buy menstrual cups

Opinions please - memories, maintainers, tags

Please read this post regarding tag use in this community. Tags are a useful tool to help us categorize and find posts more easily in this community.

The memories section has been a useful tool in the past, storing helpful posts in one place for easy searching.

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We have almost one thousand members in this community, and only have two mods. That's a 500:1 ratio. So we're looking to add on another maintainer or two, to help keep things streamlined and running smoothly.

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To contact the moderators of this community, please send an email to This is the most reliable way to contact us, especially now when LiveJournal is having issues with comment notification emails. This email is different than the one that was previously used, which is why I'm bringing it up here.