December 5th, 2005


Diva Cup Sizes

So I'm aware of a fair number of community members over 30 who've gotten the smaller sized Diva Cup. (And I think there may have been, to a lesser extent, women who've been pregnant but not carried to term having success with the pre-birth size as well, but I could be constructing artificial memories.)

However, I'm interested in learning if there are any nulliparous women under 30 who've needed the larger size of whatever menstrual cup they use, particularly if it's the Diva Cup, since that's what I use.

I'm 24 and nulliparous, but I'm wondering if I might need the larger size. I sometimes experience leaking when:

1) The cup is positioned properly, and I have a good seal.
2) The holes in the top of the cup are cleaned out.
3) The cup is not overflowing.
4) The part of my vagina below my cup is cleaned of menstrual blood.

However, I sometimes don't experience leaking. I've had my cup for nearly 2 years, so I don't think it's a "getting used to the cup" thing.

But could there be another reason for the leaking?

Could I just need a larger cup? Has anyone else under 30 without children needed the larger Diva Cup?

I love my cup, and I would have no problem with paying another $35 for a new one if I knew it was going to fit me better. If not, I guess I'll keep this hit or miss method with my current Diva.