November 30th, 2005

Rain (Boomer)

Silicone cleaning

Since medical grade silicone is used in sex toys as well as Diva/Mooncups--and there certainly is a lot of information on care of sex toys--I figured that the tips given for a silicone vibrator or dildo would be applicable to a Divacup or Mooncup.

the rundown on cleaning:
* warm soapy water
* boil (Toys in Babeland says 10 minutes, says 2-3)
* top rack of the dishwasher
...and then air dry

Blowfish suggests rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol for the ultra-paranoid. Then again, the comparable situation would be sex toys used in a monogamous relationship, and hopefully you're not sharing your cup. In our situation, soap and water is fine.

Don't use silicone-based lube! (And don't use lube containing glycerin, glycerol, sorbitol or anything that ends in -ose, which is the chemical suffix for a sugar.)

Also, once a rip or hole has been made, the material is easily ripped further. So be nice to your cup (don't give it to your dog). Similarly, sex toys will warp and crack if stored in awkward positions that stress the toy. Storing your cup in such a way that it is squashed is probably an unwise idea.

Toys in Babeland

diva cup trial

i was really really excited to try my diva cup. i don't think i've ever been that excited about my period ... other than waiting for my first period. haha. well it came in and at first i couldn't get the darn thing in. i saw some pictures on the community and i found another way to insert it and it worked! the only thing is ... i still find the tampon more convenient. first off ... it hurt when i took it out and i hated how you have to empty and wash the cup. second ... i cut most of the stem off and i could still some what feel something inside of me. i know it was in there pretty good since it wouldn't go up anymore and it was sitting low enough. and yes it opened up. at least i think so. it felt like it was. i made sure by feeling all around the cup and it felt open and i could feel the circular curves.  i'm pretty bummed because i thought i might like it better than the tampon.