November 27th, 2005

Burping and getting lots of gas, even chest pain.

Hello all,

I'm beginning to think that I shouldn't be wearing internal menstrual products.
I'm trying the Keeper for the first time (no leaks--yaaaay!!!) but each time I put it in, I get really gassy. I keep burping and passing gas. I even seem to get chest pains due to the gas. I think I'm getting headaches too.

Please note: I am naturally gassy, but it's almost unbearable when I insert the Keeper. I have tried all the recommended techniques for easing the gas pressing in on both sides, etc.).

I've also tried the Instead. It also causes the same problems but not as severe as the Keeper, and the feeling seems to wear off after a while. I actually wore it for 10 hours and forgot it was there for a while. I wore one to sleep last night too.

I really want to use the keeper because it's reusable and better for my pocket book, but it seems as though I may have to stick to my cloth pads and maybe the Instead cup once in a while. *sigh*

Does anyone have any suggestions? I could certainly use some. Could it be how I'm inserting the Keeper? I use the C fold, insert it half way and let it open, then push in the rest of the way until it can't go anymore (did I mention no leaks!!!?--thanks ladies!). I don't feel the cup itself (I cut off the stem). It's just the darn pressure and gas.

I'm so disappointed. :-( HELP!



How I got mine in (finally)

I realize that there are some other stories such as this; but I had a bit of trouble getting it in and thought that others might be able to benefit from what I did. it is lj-cut for length and pictures.

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I hope you find this entry helpful, I tried to incorporate as much as possible. If there is anything that I've left out, let me know.

Goodluck to the new people, I have fallen in love with my divacup. I can't feel it, like tampons (which hurt me so much) and it doesn't leak!! (hasn't yet at least!)

<3 Jen