November 26th, 2005

coexistence ex.

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Anyone ever had any bad experiences with menstrual cups? Like infections?

And, i may be inserting it incorrectly, but it seems to me that everytime i pee, the cup moves around and leaks if i don't re-insert it. This is a problem, because i drink a lot. When i wore tampons, i could do everything without causing my tampon to pop out. Am i pushing too hard? I don't feel like i am..

sorry if this has been discussed..

i think it has been, but i cannot find the post anywhere in the memories.

today is my first day using my divacup on my period. I had a dry run a few weeks ago that went pretty well after a little lube.

my divacup is working well, no leaks so far, but i can feel it pushing the sides of my vagina, and its pretty uncomfortable.

it was a little dry, even with the menstrual blood, so i put a bit of lube in my vagina. I tried the C-fold, and it wouldn't pop open. So, I decided to try the punch-down method, which worked well. But, whenever I stand up from sitting or vice-versa, I can feel it, and it is uncomfortable to the point of hurting a little. I felt the same thing when I tried to wear tampons, but during my dry run with this cup, it was fine.

Everytime I feel it, I go to the bathroom and bear down a bit and wiggle the bottom (where the stem was, I chopped it off). It helps, until the next time when I sit/stand.

Is there anything that I can do about this? Is my cup too far down, too far up? Is this normal, and it needs to settle?

any advice or answers that you can give me would be greatly appreciated! thanks, jen
Rain (Boomer)


I was stuck on the train for twice as long as I anticipated, thanks to the Thanksgiving rush. But huzzah for the Diva Cup!

I've noticed that my cup always seems to be tilted. It doesn't leak, but the stem is invariably pointed to the right side of my vagina. I don't remember tampons being angled.

Am I the only one? I figure it's not a big deal, as it's not leaking, but I am just curious.
coexistence ex.

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I'm not happy with the cup at all. I'm tired of changing it 10 times a day. Just now after my shower i've had to change it three times. I inserted it in the shower, and when i got out it i felt it inside me so i re-inserted it. Then i went into my room and as i was drying myself i got my towel bloody. Ok, so this was probably the blood on the sides that dripped but just in case i felt for the position of the cup to see if it was good (i've found that it tends to leak when it goes to the side in my body) and as i expected it was on the side. So i re-insterted for the 3rd time. I'm tired of having to fix it everytime i use the bathroom too.

Maybe i'll go back to tampons. Or should i try size 2? I'm 20 and i've never had a baby. I have 35.5 size hips. What's wrong with me, this cup. Help us please...