November 19th, 2005

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Well, my period has semi-started. It's at the point where there is mucus inside of me but it hasn't dripped out yet. I'm sure you ladies know what I mean! Anyway, My cup is in and I'm having the same problems as usual..I didn't hear any suction, and I'm unable to stick my fingers in far enough to get it to rotate.

First time I put it in, I took it back out because I had a feeling it wasn't in right, and in the cup was a bit of mucus. All of it went IN the cup. There was none on the outside so I'm not sure if when actual blood drips out, it'll all go in the cup or not. But the main problem is the stem! I don't know if it's because I don't have it in far enough or what, but it's jabbing into the right side of my bits and it hurts! I keep trying to push the cup in further but I really feel it's in as far as it will go. I know many trim the stem, and I won't have to take the whole thing off, but just a bit. I don't know where on earth my exacto knife is at, but is there anything else I can cut the stem with? Like scissors? Disinfected, of course.
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Poll: How much do you bleed over one period?

[Note: This poll was proposed by scien in a 15 November post.]

I did some research on the internet, and I've had every kind of combination of figures from 10ml-120ml stated as being 'normal' (I'll list the links if people want, all from reputable looking sites, but the data conflicts like woah).

As cup users, we are able to measure this with far greater accuracy than people using tampons or pads. I'm very curious to see how much our real-life experience corresponds to these figures.

How to reckon it up: the Divacup has marks for milliliters and ounces like a measuring cup, if you have one you can see where the last (30 ml) mark is. The mooncup when full (to the brim) is 30 ml, as is the Keeper.

So basically: 30 ml = one ounce = one full cup.

There is probably some variation between brands and sizes of cups, but all the manufacturers claim that they hold 30 ml and that there is not a significant difference between the sizes in terms of volume. So for the purposes of this poll we're just going to assume one full cup = 30 ml.

I assume you have at least once been curious and counted up how much blood you're losing. If you haven't, just make a rough guesstimate based on the number of cups you fill (or more likely half fill) over the week.

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I've been wondering this since yesterday but keep forgetting to ask. I know there is a DivaWash out and I plan on buying it sometime soon, but I definitely won't have it in time for my current period. Right now I'm washing my cup off with Softsoap pump soap that's sitting on my sink. But I'm afraid of getting a yeast infection or something from it. Have any of you had problems with using scented soaps? Is there a possible threat with using one?

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Okay, I swear this is the last thread I'm starting for today. Promise!

I have a question about insertion using the c-fold. This is the fold that I use and have no problems with it. Sometimes it opens up before I get it all the way in, and other times I'm not even sure what the hell it does in there. I don't have any leakage as of yet, so I'm assuming it opens up without me doing anything besides shoving it in there. Do any of you who use the c-fold HAVE to rotate it or do something extra for it to pop open? Or does it just pop open on its own like mine seems to be doing? I just keep wondering if it really pops open, since I don't hear/feel any suction, but I don't get any leaks and when I remove it, and I really have to squeeze the base and pull.

Any thoughts?