November 13th, 2005

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I wanted to post here in case this would help somebody else. I was having problems putting it in correctly, it kept feeling like it was going UP as opposed to toward my tailbone, and i was totally bewildered because I couldn't figure out how to send it in any other way, my vagina kept sucking it up in the wrong direction.
I used the 7 fold and rinsed it in cold water, etc., etc. But what i realized is that I was sitting in the wrong position, straight up, and trying to insert it like a tampon. Lying down had the same effect. What WORKED COMPLETELY was angling my HIPS so that they were in a sort of lying-down position while sitting the rest of my body vertical. Once i did this it went in perfectly, no problem, made the suctiony sound and opened up right away, no leaks whatsoever, no poking or uncomfotableness.
My point being, that if you're having trouble inserting it and you feel like you can't MAKE IT go toward your tailbone, just slouch your body up so it cant go up there.
This may sound obvious, but for a new user who is used to using tampons, i was thinking about everything else BUT my body position.