November 12th, 2005

(no subject)

I've looked through the posts, and I can't seem to find the answers i'm looking for.

i just got the divacup, and i'm having trouble inserting it (i'm on my period now). I feel like it's going in too far, but the thing is that somehow my vagina seems to suck the cup up immediately when i insert it. The reason i think it's in too far is because the stem pokes the inside of my vaginal wall; it leaks; and i can't seem to do any of the things you guys are talking about in these posts, such as snapping out or spinning or anything. It seems to be squeezed really tight in there, almost like there's nowhere for it to snap out to. I think i'm somehow sending it in the wrong direction but it really feels like there's only one way to go.

Thanks for your help in advance.