November 11th, 2005


Frequent urination/unable to move bowels with Diva cup

My first time using the Diva cup went well. Thanks once again for everyone's input on my questions, and those of other menstrual cup newbies. I definitely have the confidence to keep trying and to use my cup as much as possible.

Right now I have the #2 cup as I'm over 30. I've read many accounts of women using various cups reporting that they don't feel the cup at all. I've asked before and there were a handful of replies of women over 30 who still use the smaller cup with no problems.

I still plan on trying my cup next month, because one real try isn't enough to have the best feel for things. Anyway, when my cup is in, I can definitely feel it. The stem is fine, that's no problem--it's just that I feel full or something, and I have to empty my bladder nearly every hour, regardless of how little I'm drinking. I've also found that I'm unable to move my bowels (this happens with both the Diva cup and Instead) until I remove the cup.

I've also read accounts in which ladies say that removing the cup isn't messy. When my cup is inserted properly (no leaks), it is still sort of bunched up. So even if it's a little over half full, massive amounts of blood comes out due to the "smooshed" cup and my trying to get my finger in to break the suction. I'm still new to this so this could be a normal part of learning but I was wondering if I got the #1 cup, could it be possible that the smaller cup will fit fully expanded without putting pressure on my bladder and will be lessy messy during removal.

It's hard for me to explain the smooshed part so I apologize if it sounds unclear. The suction is working but the cup itself is squeezed by my vagina so that it holds less volume. Well, I will give it another try and I'm sure my second time with the cup will only be better.

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a way to trim the tip (diva)

For those of us who are wary of cutting the whole tip off: I made a diagram because I think this is a good way to get rid of the sharp edge you get by simply cutting some of the tip straight off. I used an exacto-style knife with the blade facing towards me, as in the diagram. The silicone is easy to cut so be careful you have the blade at the angle you want. When I tried to cut and rotate in one smooth motion I found it hard to control exactly how deep the blade cut. I had to cut a little bit, rotate a little bit, cut a little bit etc. The tip has little facets on it now.
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