November 10th, 2005

help :)

I finally received my Divacup in the mail the other day. Yesterday I was Soooo excited...

I was searching through the memories here and the post I found that detailed the punch down method didn't really make much sense to me. Can someone please explain it again? I'm having trouble with the C fold -- although I came SO CLOSE to getting it, my fingers slipped and it popped out! -- and any other methods would of course be appreciated. I didn't find it painful at all to insert it as far as I did, but I sorta got that "burning" feeling that Lauren mentioned in her post the other day (i was trying to insert it sans-lube).

As a side note, on my myspace, I've made a bulletin and a blog about the cup, and a lot of girls are intrigued by it and want to check it out for themselves! It's weird how so many people don't even know they exist.. :(

Anyway, have a good day everyone!
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Insteads + NuvaRing?

I checked memories, but all the entries dealt with the DivaCup. I use Insteads for my periods, and currently I'm on the birth control pill. However, in a month or two, when I go back for my "pill check" I'm going to switch to the NuvaRing. I assume it works just the same as in the memories -- it only becomes an issue on overlap days, watch out for suction, etc, but I just wanted to double-check.

Would there be any conflicts with the ring and the Insteads? I love my Insteads, so I'd hate to give them up!
badass trex

videos/ video contest?

We should all make menstrual cup videos/advertisements!
Obviously, reusable products don't make the kind of money big companies like Tampax do, and the prices are probably pretty steep to actually show these videos, but the videos themselves I am sure would not cost millions to make.
I think it would be interesting to see how different diva/moon/keeper cup users would make such a video. How would they portray this marvellous little invention? What parts would be highlighted as most important or most significant?

Basically, my friend and I are going to make a short little commercial for the Diva, and I would like to invite you all to do the same and share them here (if possible)!

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So, I finally got the Diva to form a seal and sit in the right place to start with, instead of having it sort of end up right accidentally. I trimmed off some of the stem, because it was stabbing me and making my girly bits hate me. One question: it seems as though when I get the seal right to start with, it traps air inside me. Not to be excessively graphic, but it basically feels like there needs to be some extreme queefage. Anyone else experienced that? Any tips to prevent it?