November 5th, 2005

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Wowzer, my girly bits are hurtin'!

Okay, so I suppose I should explain myself a bit better. The good news? I received my cup in the mail today! It came in a very slender envelope, and you guys were IS a lot smaller than it looks online.

I wanted to try it before I had to go to class, so I gave it a go for about 20 minutes and stopped since it proved to be unsuccessful. I'm not having my period right now by the way either, so that was my first dry run. I also have no lube. Mistake numero dos.

Anyway, when I got back from class about an hour ago I decided to eat dinner and afterwards, try again. So I go into the bathroom bracing myself for the pain cause I knew it was coming. I positioned my cup into the punch down method and tried to insert it. Didn't work. The times it did work, I wouldn't be able to get it all the way in and it would just hurt even more. I figured I'd try the c fold, since it's what the manufacturer says to do (even though many say punch down is easier). Surprisingly I made success with the c fold! I got it to go in, much less painful than the punch down (is that odd?), and proceeded to try to rotate it to make it pop open. Wasn't happening. I never heard a slurping or suction sound, and didn't feel anything so I'm assuming big papa didn't wanna open up in there. When I stood up, there wasn't an awful pain, but it was enough to know that it probably wasn't in right..even though the stem was pretty much in my vagina. I kept trying to push it up there more but it didn't want to go.

And can I just say that pulling the cup out feels 100 times BETTER than putting it in? Didn't see that one coming. The pain I feel during insertion is kind of like a burning. Makes me roll my eyes considering women squeeze babies out of their vaginas but I can't stick a little cup in there. Oy vey.

Any tips?


This is sort of a strange question but I was wondering... I keep my diva cup inside the little pouch they sent me and they I stick it inside my travel bag.. I tend to leave this in the car alot and right now it is getting to about -13 during the day and in a month or so it will regularly get to -40 or more. I was wondering... Should I be worried about my diva cup freezing and cracking?