October 27th, 2005

  • smgord

First time, no success

I'm the 31 year old virgin who posted a few weeks ago, having purchased the larger Divacup and being unsure that I had the correct size. I read everyone's advice and decided to give it a chance. Well, I got my period today, and set out to become a diva. I tried the punch-down method, and inserted it much more easily than I had during my dry run. However. It was hard to tell, but I did not think that it popped open. I tried running my finger around it and twisting it but was pretty much unsuccessful at those endeavors. I could get a finger in, and it felt like one side was fully dented, so I was fairly sure it wasn't in correctly. Just checked some old posts, and tomorrow, I will try the trick of pulling it down, but I'm not sure that will help ... due to my next question.

I know it is supposed to be inserted fairly low, but how do you know if is in far enough? It seemed to me that the cup itself was all the way inside my vagina, but when I checked with a mirror, I could easily see the stem, about even with the opening. Does that sound right? If so, is it still possible to pull it down to get it to pop open?

So, I'm not feeling so great about the Divacup right now. I realize others have had issues with getting the cup to pop open, so my problem is not necessarily a size thing, but I say that feeling fairly sore right now. Inserting the cup did not really hurt, but attempting to spin it and pulling it out did, and I went through that cycle twice. Based on the accounts of others here who are post-30 but having success with the smaller cup, I'm really wondering whether I shouldn't have gone that way too.

Suggestions, commiserations, etc., all welcome ...

New user!

Well, like a few of the women here, I'm a virgin. I'm 20 years old, and have been using tampons since I can remember. Just about five minutes ago, I anxiously pressed the submit button to my DivaCup order form. I seriously sat in front of my computer staring at the screen for a good hour. I had my debit card number already in, all of my info..and all I needed to do was press that little submit button to confirm my order. Boy, I've never wanted to press submit so bad, but kept restraining myself. So finally, I figured what the hell. The thing has a 1 year warranty and if I don't like it, I can return it and get my money back. The only thing that is scaring me right now is the pain involved with insertion and removal. But judging by the posts I've been reading, that's a natural worry. I think once I get it (since I just finished my period yesterday), I'll take a nice, warm shower and insert it that way. I can stick two fingers in my vagina with some pain and discomfort, but it's doable. Hopefull the DivaCup won't be too hard. With a little time and patience, I'm sure I'll be as happy as many of you are!

I've told my mum about the DivaCup, and she's thoroughly disgusted. Unlike her, I'm very open about my bodily functions. It doesn't bother me to touch or look at myself down there, and getting menstrual blood on my fingers doesn't bother me at all. Hey, it's just blood! I told her that I ordered it and she rolled her eyes, told me how I would never be able to get it in, and how it was a waste of 35 dollars. Isn't she so supportive? Lovely.

I feel this will be a great investment, and will save me thousands of dollars that I would have spent on wads of cotton being shoved up 'gina.

I hope to be a DivaCup user for life! And it's wonderful to meet you all :0)


thanks to everyone who helped.

i finally got it in!! What i found helped a lot was lube. i lubed it and myself up a bit and then stuck it in. when i felt it unfold/hit the wall/slip, i just shoved it in harder. i gave it a tiny tug and it popped open (i think) but i couldn't get a finger all the way up to see, i could only feel the bottom, i tried to reach around, but it hurt a lot. (i think my vagina is small). anyway, i think i might just cut off the stem, i didn't use it to take it out. i pinched the bottom (easier, not full of blood) and sort of twist/yoinked it out. i heard the pop of the suction, but it didn't really hurt.

thats how i finally got it in!