October 25th, 2005

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cups to trigger infections?

Hi, I'm new here and read the FAQ but didn't see this addressed. When I use my Divacup, sometimes it feels like I get an infection afterwards... Lately it's been bacterial infections. It seems like the cup might encourage growth because the blood is just sitting in there, making a nice warm environment for bacteria to grow. Does anyone have any ideas about this? Or is it that my period makes it easier to get infections?

I've had a bacterial infection twice, now, a few months apart. I do everything that is supposed to prevent infections from forming, like changing out of sweaty gym clothes as soon as possible, drinking cranberry juice (the real stuff, not the sugared kind), drinking water, not consuming a lot of alcohol or bread products, wiping from front to back, drying off really well after showers, etc... I used to not get them at all but suddenly.. bam!

Also, this is a slightly different topic, but I've had my Divacup for about two years now and it's starting to leak a little bit, like the seal isn't strong enough. Is this normal? I thought Divas were supposed to last for 5 or so years. Should I get a new one? (There was an instance where I accidentally put it in the washer/dryer but people assured me it was okay because they are meant to boiled...)

Thanks in advance..

1st period with divacup


that was my last entry, thanks to you guys who posted! i appreciate it alot! you guys helped me out alot.
i found out its best i run the cup under cold water and use the punch down method of inserting it!
i was having problems with it on my dry run when i got the cup, but now i find the blood helps make it move a bit smoother.

oh, i love my divacup! :)
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still learning

Ok Ladies, here is the deal. I have had my Diva cup for nearly 4-5 months, maybe less. Now my problem isn't exactly with the cup as it is with me. I am on BC, 28 day pill pack, Mircette and last month I didn't want to deal with my period so I skipped it. By doing this I have been bleeding all month long. And now this week is supposed to be my week of red and I am still bleeding. I know this is an issue to talk about with a doctor/nurse practitioner, and I will do that. The other problem is with my cup, the fact that my diva is smelly. And stained. I have boiled, brushed with a toothbrush and baking soda. and cleaned with soap like I normally do. It is still smelly. Should I soak my cup in something? Basically how do I get rid of the smell? I know discoloration comes with the job of being a cup, with the blood and everything, it is expected. But why oh why the smell?

Except for this minor problem my cup has saved me but loads of money and I wouldn't trade it for all the tampons in the world! I don't even use my cloth pads as much. It's just way to awesome to use my cup. And there are no more major cramps like I used to have! I usually aam a heavy bleeder so this makes it better, no more trips to the bathrooms every hour! If I weren't atheist, I'd be in heaven.
I did wash my cup everytime I took it out, be fore it went back in. And sterilized every so often. Sorry I didn't add that before. And really, wearing it for a week hasn't been too bad...other than it being alittle more pink-ish...but I shall soon take care of that and the smell!

Thank you all for the help! It is so nice to get first hand advice.
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pap test

I had a pap test today and am spotting quite a bit. Would it be ok to put my cup in, or would that irritate my already perturbed cervix? I don't want to delay its healing, and I didn't even think to ask the doctor.