October 21st, 2005

divacup newbie

im having a bit of a problem. i can get the divacup in fine, its just the popping into place after its inserted. no matter what i do, itwont pop into place! i cant get it to seal. ive looked thru this community and its memories, and i have followed the diagrams, but i wonder if anything helps to pop it in place?

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advice from mooncup.co.uk

I emailed the staff at the mooncup website to ask whether I was supposed to let the cup fill past the holes, as they were leaking for me (disclaimer: this was my first period using it) and my flow is so heavy that on my heaviest day I was emptying it at least every hour. Their reply:

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I hope this is useful for someone other than myself. I've obviously not had a chance to test it yet (ask me in a month!). I'd also be curious to hear other people's experiences following this advice, or generally with filling the mooncup past the holes if you've done so successully. It worked perfectly. Kegel excercises for all! The holes haven't shown a hint of leaking since. Bwa HA. Of course, it could just be that I've had more practice, but they're a good thing to do on general principles.

Still Leakin'....

Ok.. this is month 2 of Divaness. Last month I had the problem of getting it to open. I've got that now. I pull it almost out.. and POP it goes w/ STRONG suction. I still have a small dip in the top of the cup. I have tried everything.. but the dip remains. The bottom portion of the cup.. all the way to just under the rim is perfectly open and round. I don't know what else to do! I'm leaking quite a bit even /w the suction. The cup also will NOT stay low in the vaginal canal. That's where I leave it.. it seems like it won't move up even if i push on it. Then, when I go to take it out... it's MIA WAY up in there. I have to bear down while sqautting and REALLY reach to get the base of it??? Any suggestions??

Can a menstrual cup cause vaginal prolapse?

This is my first cycle using the DivaCup. I had a baby recently (not my first), and though I am fully healed things are just a bit more flaccid than normal still in the vaginal area. The DivaCup was fine the first few times I used it, but when I get it in, it seems that everything around it kind of closes in around it, which makes it hard to get the suction to release enough to get it to open completely or to get it out once it's in.

My flow had mostly stopped, so I didn't wear the DivaCup yesterday. Then it started up again more heavily today, so I tried using it again. It was much more uncomfortable than it had been the first few days I used it. It felt sort of pinchy, and like it was putting pressure in an uncomfortable way.

When I took it out earlier today, the suction was pulling on my vaginal walls quite a bit even though I was squeezing, folding and tipping it as much as I could. It didn't hurt, really, but I could feel it pulling. Then after I took it out, I noticed a bulge of tissue that I'm pretty sure wasn't there before.

It seems like the whole vaginal wall is sagging now, and the lower side of my cervix is closer to the vaginal opening than it was earlier today. It's now only about the depth of my first knuckle inside the vagina, whereas before I had to reach as far as possible to touch it. There's tissue sagging around the walls on both sides too, enough that it's visible from the outside but not sticking out. It's quite uncomfortable even though I'm not wearing the DivaCup any more. I feel kind of bruised, too.

Did the suction from my DivaCup give me a vaginal prolapse? I plan to call my midwife on Monday, but should I do anything before that? I'm worried! I want to have more children and am concerned that I've damaged something by using the DivaCup. I just had my postpartum appointment several weeks ago and my midwife said everything looked great "down there".

Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I haven't looked at it that closely since I had the baby, and this was the first time since then I got a mirror and really examined that area, so I'm not absolutely certain whether this just happened or if I just noticed it today and it's actually "normal" and just saggier than I'm used to. But it's really scaring me.

I'd appreciate any thoughts or advice.