October 19th, 2005



Hey everyone. I posted a few days ago about my concerns on sizing and which cup to buy. I decided to email the mooncup company to get more info. They suggested I go with the size B (smaller) cup (which differs from divacup's advice). One of ym concerns was that if I ordered a mooncup the site says they don't allow returns(I want a mooncup over a divacup, but the return policy of divacup appealed to me). The woman who emailed me back told me that, although they don't accept returns, they do offer exchanges free of charge in the first few months. I didn't get that from the site, so thought you all might like to know.

Thank you all for helping me pick a cup! :)

First time poster

I started my period yesterday and this is my first full cycle using the DivaCup.

I'm very happy with it, and I do not see myself going back to pads/tampons again, but I have a few questions.

1. I'm a runner, and yesterday while I was running I could feel my DivaCup. Almost like it was being pushed out or something. Once I stopped I couldn't feel it anymore, but I'm just wondering if I have it in the right place? Or is the whole pounding motion just causing it to be pushed out?

2. Does anybody else find that they're prone to leak when their DivaCup gets half full or more?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
Beech leaves

Correspondence with Mooncup

I just e-mailed Mooncup about some issues, and here is the response I got. What do you think, girls? I've simply copied and pasted without mucking around with formatting; if it's really driving people mad then I can start putting her comments in italics and so forth.

On the subject of diagrams, for instance, how do people feel? How many women here can reach their cervix? I can, and my middle finger is hardly three times the length of my Mooncup, so I've been using that to make an estimate of the length of my vagina and where the cup sits in it.

IUDs - research definitely needed on that one. I do at least feel that they should advise users to be extra careful with removal. I was told that the IUD strings have to be left relatively long so that you can still feel them, as if they're so short they can't be caught in the cup, they're so short you're going to have trouble telling whether they're still there, and also more likely to upset the visiting penis (as opposed to just bending out of the way).

Insertion methods - from what I've seen here, I'd agree that other methods should be mentioned as well. Anyone fancy putting up a poll on which method people use, if we can get it narrowly enough defined first?

Polls - nice to see they're being appreciated. If anyone is on serious work avoidance and wants to do that summary she mentioned, feel free.

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