October 17th, 2005

Death II
  • scien

so my last post was evidently too rambly :P

I think I've worked some of it out anyway. But. I would really really appreciate responses to thiss question:

With the mooncup, can it get filled past the level of the holes and not leak?

and as an aside, it claims to hold 30ml, is that up to the brim or up to the holes? but that's just 'cause I'm curious about how much I'm bleeding in ml, it's not really important.

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I don't know if I'm just imagining things, or what...but ever since starting to use the Diva Cup (about 6 months ago), I've felt a lot looser down there. I used to be extremely tight, to the point that PIV sex was impossible half the time, but now I feel like it just...slides in there. It's making me feel a bit self-conscious (as in, does my partner think I'm too loose? etc.), and I was just wondering if it's because I've been sticking this silicone shotglass up in there every month.
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Okay.. I just wantde to be sure.
I think I want to go with the mooncup. I know the wedsite address is www.mooncup.co.uk butI typed in mooncup.com for the hell of it and it's a site for The Keeper.. I just want to make sure that the mooncup is not the same thing as the keeper and that if I buy it through the uk company I'll get a moonup. The problem is I'm allergic to latex and I don't want to risk getting anything with latex in it in myself.