October 16th, 2005

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Questions about pregnancy, diva cup size, flow volume, and IUDS.

I want to get a diva cup, but I am not sure what type to get. The site says to get a style 2 if you have had a pregnancy or if you are over 30(mostly because of hip-widening). The syle 2 is 1/8 of an inch larger, so not a big difference, but the website said the small difference in size affects suction and such. So my problem-- I am 25 and I have been pregnant but my baby was born 13-14 weeks early and was also abnormally small for a baby that age. Also, my amniotitc fluid was low and I had a c-section. The site says the c-section doesn't matter, but I thought the other things might. I never got very big, but I was overweight to begin with. I really didn't think my pregnancy was even that noticeable until I all of a sudden wasn't pregnant anymore. I don't feel my hips got that wide. I know they got a little wider because ever since my pregnancy I can't sleep comfortably on my side without a pillow between my legs. If anyone has been in a similar situation or has any advice, I'd really aprreciate it.
My other question pertains to when I can wear the cup. I have an IUD and my period has been really weird since having it inserted. It has been pretty heavy which is one of the reasons the divaup appeals to me, but my last one was really light. Also, I sometimes spot a few days before the period begins. Should it be okay to wear it during this time? It's really light, but I'm trying to get away from pads/pantiliners because they irritate me and cause infections.

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*edit*-- I looked on the mooncup site. I'm probably going to get a divacup because I'm in the US, but I decided to check the moon cup out anyway. The mooncup sites gives differing info on the effect of c-section on size. They offer two types as well, A and B. A being similar to style 2 Divacup and B being similar to style 1 Divacup, but whereas the divacup site says a woman under 30 who has had a c-section should use type 2 divacup(= type A mooncup), the moocup site says a woman under 30 who has had a c-section should use type B mooncup(type 1 divacup). The mooncup site also refers to vaginal tone and sterngth of plevic floor muscles, not just hip-widening. Meh?
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first period using the cup


Yesterday was that lovely day-while-it-gets-organised when I cramp up and bleed slightly. Used the mooncup, everything went fine, it only collected a very small amount of blood in the evening, emptied around midnight.

Today is the day my world goes crazy. I got woken up at 8am by the pain (on a Sunday! bah) and went to empty the cup, since I was up - and it was full and leaking. One hour later, it was nearly full again. Yikes.

So... questions.

* with the Mooncup (which doesn't have measurements, sadly) at what level do you call it 'full'? When I said 'full' above I meant 'just below the little holes', but can it go over them (up to the rim) without leaking? if someone has more precise liquid-measuring containers than me, they could find that out by checking where 1 ounce/ 30 millilitres of water reaches. Or you can just tell me from personal experience how full it gets before it leaks, both would be appreciated.

* getting a seal - assuming that I wasn't leaking because it was overfull, I must have been not getting the seal right. It leaked both overnight and this morning... how do I check for a seal? I can easily spin the cup around while it's inside me, to the best of my knowledge it's fully round, and I tugged slightly at it and felt resistance. I thought this meant I had a proper seal. I suppose I'll find out later today whether it worked. Any better ways of checking than discovering blood on your underwear some time later? Could the fact that most of the holes got blocked by blood have anything to do with it?

* I've always thought my flow was exceptionally heavy, and I'm glad I can now actually measure it to find out. But it looks like I'm going to be emptying it every couple of hours, which is weird, because I don't have to change pads that often (then again I used the most absorbent and still tended to leak a lot on this day).

Advice, anyone?

edit: 'filled' another one already. I really really hope I'm allowed to let it fill further than that...
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This is my second day of using a mooncup and finally things seem to be ok.

Inserting the Mooncup was hard, I spent ages trying to get it to go in and not come open. I still have a bit of trouble and I worry I don't push the cup in high enough since the tube bit sticks out a tad (I cut it about half way). Think that matters too much? It was really irrirating yesterday, like it was scraching against me but it's not so bad now.

I owe this community a big thank you, I finally managed to remove the cup without it hurting. No pain at all, my vagina is happy so THANK YOU so much. I'd been trying trying to pull it out by tugging on the tube really hard, figuring that it would hurt less if I pulled it out swiftly. But no, ouch, really hurt.

So yes, now I'm doing alright with the inserting and removing I'm growing to love my menstrual cup, only problem is my mum thinks it was a huge waste of money and that I'm a complete idiot for buying one. I've told her it's environmentally friendly and cheaper in the long run etc. Anyone else had this problem with family or friends?

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Hey I just got my diva cup in the mail and decided to try a test run to make sure I knew what I was doing... I seemed to have no problems getting it in or out but I walked around for a bit and it felt like a tampon does when it is full and needs to be changed…
I could feel it as I moved around.
Is this normal and I will get used to it?
Am I not putting it in far enough? And if that’s the case what are tricks to getting it in further? (I didn’t seem to need the stem at all to remove it so maybe this is the problem?)