October 15th, 2005

Weird Anatomy

So i want a cup. My problem is that the way that my body is shaped, my opening of my urethra is inside the opening of my vagina. It's kindof hard to explain. I understand the Insteads are very different than reusables, but i've had so many problems with them, i'm somewhat afraid to try a diva. I know i should just do it, cause they have a return policy and such. Really, i'd just like anyone's experiences/ideas about this. I'm leaning towards just doing it, but...yeah.

One-armed retrieval?

I just broke my elbow in a moped accident and will have surgery within the next week or so. Thankfully it was my non-dominant arm, and my fingers work fine. Also thankfully, I don't have my period right now... but I will in two weeks.

So how would you suggest I manage a DivaCup? I suppose it would be about the same as a tampon, in that I use my left (non-dominant) hand to sort of position the labia and all, but between the messed-up arm and the way I'm bandaged, it doesn't seem very likely that I'll be able to do that very easily.


this cup is a miracle

I just did my dry run with my divacup and had no problems whatsoever -- she went in easily and quickly on the second try (actually, it went in fine the first try, too, but I was so shocked at how easy it was that I was sure I had to have done something wrong, so I took it out and tried again), and I'm sitting here wearing her and can't feel a thing.

as a side note, though, when I took it out after the first try I was absolutely amazed at the amount of discharge that came out with it! Has anyone else experienced this?

I'm going to get my period next week, and I can't wait. I can't feel anything, not even when I kegel. Why did I not discover this sooner???

now what to do with the box-and-a-half of unused ob's on my shelf...
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Yesterday I received my Mooncup in the mail, I had never used a menstrual cup before so I was very new.

I don't have my period yet, but after boiling it in water for 5 minutes, I decided to try it. And well, it was easy! I read the instructions very carefully and had no trouble whatsoever inserting and removing it. Now I'm waiting for my period so I can see if it's not leaking this way. I sat down, and the stem is still intact and it wasn't hurting at all.

I see most entries with people saying it hurts and doesn't work the first couple of times, but a question; has anyone else not experienced a problem at all? AND still has the stem on the cup?