October 13th, 2005

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I made this comment a few months ago in someone's post. Since then I've been finding myself searching for it multiple times trying to help people, so I thought I'd make it an actual post, and if the mods find it useful, it can be put into the memories. (BTW, It is now my 11th month with the cup, and since I started using this method 5 months ago, I've had no leaks or problems.) (EDIT: Just in case it's not clear, I use this method once the cup is already inside me, but is resistant to popping open all the way.)

This month, my sixth with the diva, I actually managed to get it to turn the way that they say. For me, it turned out to be all in the placement of my fingers. Once I got it inside, it would pop open about halfway, so that it was basically flat, but not folded anymore. This is how I used to hold it:

(and one without the cup)

Then I would turn toward the direction of my thumb. But that didn't really give me a lot of room to play around with. So this month I tried holding it like this:

(and one without the cup)

And then I turned so that my thumb crossed over my first finger. I do this while the cup is all the way inside and it popped open perfectly every time this month with absolutely no leaks.