October 12th, 2005


Newspaper Story

So I'm writing a story on mentrual cups for the opinion page of my high school newspaper. That is, if my teacher decides it isn't too taboo.
And I was hoping you guys knew where I could get some statistics. On anything at all to do with menstrual cups. Anything. Actually, stats on tampons as well.

If anyone else has done this before... I'd love some advice.

Thankkkk you.
  • smgord

Older virgin and Diva Cup size

I just got a Diva Cup. As I'm 31, I got the bigger size. However, I am a virgin. I was able to insert it, after some difficulty (I have no reason to believe that my hymen is intact), but it was a bit difficult. I can't tell, though, if the issue is really that I should get the smaller size, or if I'm just having the same problem that any new user would have. Any thoughts?

Edited to add: if it is the wrong size, could I be stretching anything (besides possibly my hymen)?

Edited again to add: thanks everyone. I guess I'll give the bigger size a try for now.